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Dragonball The Kamehameha Wave (1986–2003) HD online

Dragonball The Kamehameha Wave (1986–2003) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Animation / Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Original Title: The Kamehameha Wave
Director: Minoru Okazaki
Writers: Neil Bligh,Terry Klassen
Released: 1986–2003
Duration: 24min
Video type: TV Episode
Once they land on Roshi's island, Goku and Chi-Chi explain to him their dilemma--Chi-Chi and the Ox King can't get into their castle until the flames on Fire Mountain are extinguished. Roshi agrees to give them the Bansho fan if Goku can convince Bulma to get him a date with an older woman. Unfortunately he realizes that he used the fan as a place mat, then threw it away when it became sticky. He then accompanies them to Fire Mountain to extinguish the flame himself with his Kamehameha Wave. He succeeds, but he accidentally destroys the castle and the mountain too. Afterward, he agrees to train Goku. Bulma finds the 6th dragon ball, and the group sets out to find the 7th and final one.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Ted Cole Ted Cole - Yamcha (BLT dub) (voice)
Jim Conrad Jim Conrad - Narrator (BLT dub) (voice)
Don Brown Don Brown - (BLT dub) (voice) (credit only)
Ian James Corlett Ian James Corlett - (BLT dub) (voice) (as Ian Corlett) (credit only)
Michael Donovan Michael Donovan - Master Roshi (BLT dub) (voice)
Saffron Henderson Saffron Henderson - Goku (BLT dub) (voice)
Lalainia Lindbjerg Lalainia Lindbjerg - Bulma (BLT dub) (voice)
Kathy Morse Kathy Morse - Puar (BLT dub) (voice)
Doug Parker Doug Parker - Turtle (BLT dub) (voice)
Teryl Rothery Teryl Rothery - (BLT dub) (voice) (credit only)
Andrea Libman Andrea Libman - Chi-Chi (BLT dub) (voice)
Alec Willows Alec Willows - Oolong (BLT dub) (voice)
Dave 'Squatch' Ward Dave 'Squatch' Ward - Ox King (BLT dub) (voice)
Brice Armstrong Brice Armstrong - Narrator (voice)
Stephanie Nadolny Stephanie Nadolny - Goku (voice)

First appearance of the Kamehameha, which becomes a regularly-used attack for the rest of the series (including Z and GT.)

The famous Japanese movie monster Gamera makes a cameo appearance as a source of transportation for Master Roshi, since he is unable to ride on Goku's nimbus cloud to Ox King's mountain.