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Vstretimsya u fontana (1976) HD online

Vstretimsya u fontana (1976) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Romance
Original Title: Vstretimsya u fontana
Director: Oleg Nikolayevsky
Writers: Anatoly Eyramdzhan
Released: 1976
Duration: 1h 18min
Video type: Movie
A mature man Sergey Dolganov (V.Smirnov) is jack-of-all-trades, a man of generous nature and open heart, but at first sight looks like a looser. He has neither money, nor family, no constant job. He wanders about cities in search of a sole and unique girl, whom he would marry, make a family with, but in vain. And in all his free-will wanderings everywhere his fate casts him, he builds fountains not for money, but to bring people happiness. Once he happens to visit a steppe collective farm, where he is trying to build a fountain and where he meets the sole and unique. But a girl already has a boy-friend, and he has to do his best to conquer her love.
Credited cast:
Vladimir Smirnov Vladimir Smirnov - Sergey Dolganov
Valentina Telichkina Valentina Telichkina - Lyuba
Yuriy Sorokin Yuriy Sorokin - Oleg Potapov
Pyotr Lyubeshkin Pyotr Lyubeshkin - Vitaliy Sergeyevich
Aleksandr Movchan Aleksandr Movchan - Ostap Martynovich
Yelena Kozlitina Yelena Kozlitina - Tanya
Tatyana Krasuskaya Tatyana Krasuskaya - Valya
Lyudmila Panteleyeva Lyudmila Panteleyeva - Waitress
Sergey Valtman Sergey Valtman - Filippov
Adolf Ilin Adolf Ilin - Metelnikov
Tatyana Klyuyeva Tatyana Klyuyeva - Raya
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Rais Galyamov Rais Galyamov - Mekhetko
Oleg Nikolayevsky Oleg Nikolayevsky - Diner Chief