» » Bul sae Episode #1.26 (2004– )

Bul sae Episode #1.26 (2004– ) HD online

Bul sae Episode #1.26 (2004– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Romance
Original Title: Episode #1.26
Released: 2004–
Duration: 58min
Video type: TV Episode
Drama at its best, psychologically unstable Mi-ran wears a wedding dress while trying to accept the fact that Sae-hoon never loved her in the way that she loved him. Out of pain and desperation, Mi-ran wants nothing more than to end her sadness, and decides that the best course of action is to rid her soul of this world. Surprised and panged, Sae-hoon and Ji-eun discover Mi-ran's perilous situation.