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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Drama / History
Original Title: The Devil You Know
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Series
A drama set in 17th century New England during the infamous Salem Witch Trials.
Series cast summary:
Eddie Izzard Eddie Izzard - Thomas Putnam 1 episode, 2015
Karen Gillan Karen Gillan - Jane Porter 1 episode, 2015
Ever Carradine Ever Carradine - Ann Putnam 1 episode, 2015
Ismenia Mendes Ismenia Mendes - Mercy Lewis 1 episode, 2015
Nadia Alexander Nadia Alexander - Ann Putnam Jr. 1 episode, 2015
Joel Arsenault Joel Arsenault - Constable 1 episode, 2015
Zawe Ashton Zawe Ashton 1 episode, 2015
Mia Barron Mia Barron - Bathshua Pope 1 episode, 2015
Reed Birney Reed Birney - Judge Hathorne 1 episode, 2015
Andria Blackman Andria Blackman - Breast Feeding Mother 1 episode, 2015
Ewen Bremner Ewen Bremner - Israel Porter 1 episode, 2015
William Buell William Buell - Fiddle Player 1 episode, 2015
Christina Calvao Christina Calvao - Broomstick Girl 1 episode, 2015
Lu Corfield Lu Corfield - Mary Sibley 1 episode, 2015
Desbah Desbah - Native American Villager Woman 1 episode, 2015
Moira Driscoll Moira Driscoll - Goodwife Lucas 1 episode, 2015
Anne Dudek Anne Dudek - Elizabeth Hathorne Porter 1 episode, 2015
Beanie Feldstein Beanie Feldstein - Lydia Harris 1 episode, 2015
Jonathan Fielding Jonathan Fielding - Young Chicken Farmer 1 episode, 2015
Naian González Norvind Naian González Norvind - Abigail Parris 1 episode, 2015
James Noel Hoban James Noel Hoban - Constable 1 episode, 2015
Judith Kalaora Judith Kalaora - Broomstick Girl #1 1 episode, 2015
Annie Kerins Annie Kerins - Broomstick Gal #2 1 episode, 2015
Seana Kofoed Seana Kofoed - Hosanna Penry 1 episode, 2015
Jacqueline Levasseur Jacqueline Levasseur - Fish Monger 1 episode, 2015
Nigel Lindsay Nigel Lindsay - Dr. Griggs 1 episode, 2015
Melanie Long Melanie Long - Broomstick Girl 1 episode, 2015
James Marsters James Marsters - Rev. George Burroughs 1 episode, 2015
Daniel Martignetti Daniel Martignetti - Iron Worker 1 episode, 2015
Will Martin Will Martin - Crow Man 1 episode, 2015
Stefany Mathias Stefany Mathias - Whauksis 1 episode, 2015
John Bear Mitchell John Bear Mitchell - Warrior 1 episode, 2015
Damien Molony Damien Molony - Robert Putnam 1 episode, 2015
Bill Mootos Bill Mootos - Man Ringing Bell 1 episode, 2015
Mary Mouser Mary Mouser - Eartha Fenn 1 episode, 2015
Kate Nash Kate Nash - Bridget Bishop 1 episode, 2015
Hannah Nordberg Hannah Nordberg - Betty Parris 1 episode, 2015
John O'Halloran John O'Halloran - First Officer Brigham 1 episode, 2015
Will Pullen Will Pullen - Moses Cooper 1 episode, 2015
Jodi Purdy-Quinlan Jodi Purdy-Quinlan - Fish Monger 1 episode, 2015
Julian Rhind-Tutt Julian Rhind-Tutt - Samuel Parris 1 episode, 2015
Emmanuelle Roumain Emmanuelle Roumain - Sokoni 1 episode, 2015
Kati Salowsky Kati Salowsky - Priscilla 1 episode, 2015
Sparrowhawk Sparrowhawk - Wewenoc Warrior 1 episode, 2015
Matthew James Thomas Matthew James Thomas - Henry Paine 1 episode, 2015
Eddie Troy Eddie Troy - John 1 episode, 2015
Andre Urban Andre Urban - Pinewas 1 episode, 2015

The Devil You Know was not picked up as a series and did not go beyond the unaired pilot. If it had become a series, it was expected that Karen Gillan would have perform nude scenes.

Karen Gillan played Jane Porter. She had earlier played another character called Jane in Not Another Happy Ending.

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    This TV Series should be made. Take a look at the cast for this pilot episode. The premise was if I remember correctly a series of unvarnished historical stories from the birth of the New World forward beginning with the Salem Witch Trials. Full disclosure: I had a part to play in the pilot, that of First Officer Brigham aboard one of Henry Hudson's frigates, The Half Moon bound for the Massachusetts colony in Salem. Beautifully filmed by Gus van Sant, written by Jenji Kohan. How these things are chosen and rejected in the pilot season is not my area of expertise, and whether a pilot submitted for review in one cycle is forever dismissed or has future potential is beyond my scope of knowledge. America's storied past should be told and retold, not in some self-serving manner, and not specific to any one time and place but more broadly beaded together like The Devil You Know promised, dwelling upon formative moments unsettling and triumphal in their own right, and their treatment put into the hands of our most talented artists such as Gus van Sant, et al.