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Angel Eyes (2011) HD online

Angel Eyes (2011) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Action / Adult
Original Title: Angel Eyes
Director: Dawn
Released: 2011
Duration: 1h 28min
Video type: Creative Work
Cast overview:
Emma Mae Emma Mae - Team Leader
Dale DaBone Dale DaBone - Dale Dabone (as Dale Dabone)
Jamey Janes Jamey Janes
Jazy Berlin Jazy Berlin
John Strong John Strong
Johnny Castle Johnny Castle
Kiara Diane Kiara Diane
Marco Rivera Marco Rivera
Monique Alexander Monique Alexander - Mo

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    I like daring! Media features, usually a consistent source of interesting XXX content. Unfortunately, director "Dawn" stubs her toe with "Angel Eyes", not that Jennifer Lopez thriller but rather a half-hearted humpathon out in the desert of California.

    It's a little-known fact that Richard C. Sarafian's all-time classic "Vanishing Point", the Dodge Challenger muscle car movie that spawned the popular genre which made Vin Diesel and the late Paul Walker's careers, was actually a rare "reverse-runaway" project: namely a British production shot in America. We are used to Kubrick, George Lucas and other top Hollywood filmmakers shooting at London studios, so this daring! travels to the U.S. is a "man bites dog" reversal.

    The all-American cast is attractive, but Dawn failed to bring a script along for the shoot and all we get is generic shots and some minor voice-over instead of a plot or storyline. It's shaggy-dog time, even more frustrating to watch than the Coen Bros. at their shaggiest.

    Ostensibly, one can infer that lovely blonde Emma Mae is the major domo of a squad of hit ladies, luring male motorists over and humping them before killing them off-screen. The sex is up front and hot, but the violence and mayhem doesn't exist, just the occasional shot of a prone body left behind in the dust from time to time.

    What does it all mean? Nothing, of course. This is a lazy (wo)man's excuse for trying to convert wall-to-wall sex into a semblance of a story feature - just enough to yield a highly misleading trailer. In fact, so little non-sex footage is included in the 89 minute feature that it feels like ALL of it is shown in the trailer.

    At any rate, Emma who puts out in the final reel is quite pretty and the other gals like Kiara Diane, all-time great Monique Alexander and Jazy Berlin are easy to watch in action. But a little effort would have gone a long way into making this uneventful exercise "real".