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Kurjuse kannul Won't Get Fooled Again (2005– ) HD online

Kurjuse kannul Won't Get Fooled Again (2005– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Original Title: Wonu0027t Get Fooled Again
Director: Kevin Bray
Writers: Jeff Davis,Aaron Zelman
Released: 2005–
Duration: 43min
Video type: TV Episode
The FBI profiling team is called to Florida where a seres of efficient bombs killed every single target; this rules out a terrorist or politically motivated bomber. The bombs themselves carry the signature of Adrian Bale, a master-bomber who was jailed after taking out six FBI agents in Boston, who even pushed the next button when he knew it would only worsen his sentence. Then there's a lead to an alternative scenario: master forger David Walker, who had to commit a single murder to keep out of jail but covers it up by playing the Bale copycat. Or is there a link between these two suspects, perhaps via a Internet forum which contains suspicious messages?
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Mandy Patinkin Mandy Patinkin - Jason Gideon
Thomas Gibson Thomas Gibson - Aaron Hotchner
Lola Glaudini Lola Glaudini - Elle Greenaway
Shemar Moore Shemar Moore - Derek Morgan
Matthew Gray Gubler Matthew Gray Gubler - Dr. Spencer Reid
A.J. Cook A.J. Cook - Jennifer Jareau
Kirsten Vangsness Kirsten Vangsness - Penelope Garcia
Tim Kelleher Tim Kelleher - Adrian Bale
Jay Acovone Jay Acovone - Detective Morrison
Tom Virtue Tom Virtue - Gil Clurman
Caryn West Caryn West - Mrs. Clurman
Indrajit Sarkar Indrajit Sarkar - Chicu Reddy
Scott Conte Scott Conte - Dan Tracy
Asante Jones Asante Jones - Officer Worthy
P.J. Marino P.J. Marino - Prison Guard

The title of this episode alludes to a song by The Who, "Won't Get Fooled Again."

When Hoch is talking about collecting coins he said he spent a lot of time searching for the 1944 penny. In reality the expensive one he would have been looking for is 1943.

While Morgan re-assembles the bomb, Garcia plays 'Tetris' on her Nintendo DS. When he gets stuck and is unable to figure out the origin of leftover bomb fragments, she references the game as she comes up with an idea for how the extra pieces could fit in the bomb.

The ending is taken from the excellent film Juggernaut from 1974.

The unsub in this episode mirrors Mark Hofmann, who in 1985 went on a bombing spree in Salt Lake City, Utah to conceal his forgeries of historical documents. Like Walker, he committed several unrelated bombings to throw suspicion off his trail.

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    There is a bomber in Palm Beach, Fla. We learn that "half of these bombers wind up blown up by their own bombs." With that in mind, one of the victims - a guy who lost a foot in one of the explosions - turns out to be a suspect.

    From there, the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) of the FBI - the people who make up this program - discover that whoever this bomber is, he's a copycat of a guy who is prison in Boston. That guy blew up six FBI people when "Gideon," the leader of this program, was involved. That case obviously haunts him (and has been mentioned in all three episodes) but they need this guy "Adrian Bale" (Tim Kelleher) to help find the guy in Palm Beach.

    Things get really hairy at the end when a guy wearing a "necklace bomb" enters the police room and our guys have three hours to diffuse it. It's a good episode with a great ending, one of the better ones I've seen on these crime shows.
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    "Won't Get Fooled Again" may not be as good as "Extreme Aggressor" and "Compulsion", the previous two episodes, but that it's still very good is testament really to how good those two episodes were so early on in the show's run.

    Mostly Season 1 of 'Criminal Minds' was solid. There was a slow hit-and-miss patch between "The Fox" and "Riding the Lightning" (two of the season's, and the show's, best episodes) with episodes ranging between very good and blandly average, but to me the only really sub-par episode of Season 1 was "Machismo" (still one of my least favourite 'Criminal Minds' episodes). "Won't Get Fooled Again" continues the season's strong start, after one of the show's best season premieres in "Extreme Aggressor" and after a masterclass in how to make a riveting episode out of a done-to-death and not always interesting concept in "Compulsion" this follows on impressively, not as good as those two episodes but still very well done.

    A couple of parts and connections (i.e. trying to figure out the plan through following internet usage) are introduced a little randomly from personal opinion, meaning not as much room to piece everything together for ourselves. Morgan's attitude towards Gideon saw a side to him that was disrespectful and unprofessional, there have been worse cases of unprofessional and jerk-ish behaviour since with Morgan but when we are reminded of how protective and caring he is like in his big brother-like bond with Reid one can't help be turned off a little.

    There is so much to like in "Won't Get Fooled Again". It does wonders with a concept (bombing) that has been done many times on TV that varies hugely in effectiveness and interest of execution. Especially compelling are the scenes and interaction between Gideon and Bale, which create powerful chills, and the climactic moments that are full of non-stop tension, with the cut the wire part one gets really panicked as to whether the right thing was said.

    Gideon and Bale's chemistry isn't the only well done chemistry, the trusting and quietly professional one between Gideon and Hotch and the sweet one between Morgan and Garcia (long before the banter became over-the-top and misplaced) are also strongly written. A great job is done with Gideon, who is like the heart and soul of the group, and one really sees the BAU work as a team here and with urgency. Not that they didn't before, but they particularly do in this episode and their personalities more defined.

    Visually, there is much style, class and atmosphere, while the direction is taut and accommodating and the music haunting and melancholic. The script is thought-provoking and beautifully balanced and the story compelling in its suspense and emotion.

    Nothing to complain with the acting either, with authoritative Mandy Patinkin and sadistic Tim Kelleher being worthy of particular praise.

    In conclusion, a very good episode, remarkably so for at this point a show that was only three episodes in when for some shows this particular period is a rocky one. 8/10 Bethany Cox