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Tady hlídám já (2012) HD online

Tady hlídám já (2012) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Family
Original Title: Tady hlídám já
Director: Juraj Sajmovic
Writers: Petr Kazda,Juraj Sajmovic
Released: 2012
Duration: 1h 47min
Video type: Movie
A family movie for all generations whose aim is not only to entertain viewers, but also to open their hearts to understanding human relationships. It shows how a child can feel lonely in a society, even though her family is apparently taking good care of her. Kathy, a restless eight-year-old girl, gets a dachshund named Hugo from her grandfather Mojmir. The dog acts as her friend and guardian and helps Kathy to get rid of her ruthless stepfather while together they have a positive influence on everyone around them.
Cast overview:
Vladimír Javorský Vladimír Javorský - Herian
Lukás Vaculík Lukás Vaculík - Ivan
Jitka Jezková Jitka Jezková - Julie
Veronika Divisová Veronika Divisová - Kacenka
Pavel Nový Pavel Nový - Mojmir
Simona Stasová Simona Stasová - Radka
Iva Pazderková Iva Pazderková - Milada
Lukás Latinák Lukás Latinák - Stefik
Klára Jandová Klára Jandová - Lenka
Ester Kocicková Ester Kocicková - Teacher
Matous Ruml Matous Ruml - dog Hugo (voice)