» » The Devil Dancers of India (1916)

The Devil Dancers of India (1916) HD online

The Devil Dancers of India (1916) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary / Short
Original Title: The Devil Dancers of India
Director: George A. Dorsey
Released: 1916
Video type: Movie
First, tame monkeys of India are shown. Wild boars are also thrown on the screen, the most fearless animals in existence. We see them feeding. Next, we see the Devil dancers. They are mystic men who, by their dancing, drive away the evil spirits. The Todas, a poor hill tribe, are a remnant of pre-Aryan India. They have a peculiar marriage plan. Each woman has several husbands, so fatherhood is indeterminate. Their houses are relics of former days. Certain of the Toda buffalo are sacred and are worshiped by the people. Lastly, we see the most beautiful building in the world, the tomb built by a Mogul emperor for his wife. It cost twenty million dollars and is inlaid with many precious stones and covered with costly carving.