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Raju Chacha (2000) HD online

Raju Chacha (2000) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Action / Comedy / Drama / Family
Original Title: Raju Chacha
Director: Anil Devgan
Writers: Anees Bazmee,Robin Bhatt
Released: 2000
Duration: 2h 43min
Video type: Movie
Siddhant Rai is a single father, looking after three young children. All four of them live a wealthy and comfortable lifestyle, which changes suddenly when Siddhant passes away after a car accident. Siddhant's shady relatives hire a former jailbird and con-man by the name of Shekar to pose as their paternal uncle, Raju, which he does for a hefty sum of money. When Raju is introduced to the children, he is an instant hit with them, as well as their Catholic governess, Anna. Then the Rai family are stunned when another young man enters their lives - claiming to be the real Raju Chacha.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Rishi Kapoor Rishi Kapoor - Siddhant Rai
Ajay Devgn Ajay Devgn - Shekhar / Raju chacha
Kajol Kajol - Anna
Tiku Talsania Tiku Talsania - B.B.C (Banke Bihari Chaturvedi)
Smita Jaykar Smita Jaykar - Mother Superior (as Smita Jaikar)
Harsh Lunia Harsh Lunia - Rohit Rai (as Master Harsh Lunia)
Kinshuk Vaidya Kinshuk Vaidya - Rahul Rai (as Master Kingshuk Vaidya)
Sakshi Sem Sakshi Sem - Rani Rai (as Baby Sakshi Sem)
Govind Namdeo Govind Namdeo - Vikram Sinha (as Govind Namdev)
Pramod Moutho Pramod Moutho - Prabhakar Sinha (as Pamod Moutho)
Mayur Verma Mayur Verma - Ranjit Kumar (as Mayur)
Usha Bachani Usha Bachani - Preeti
Kaivalya Chheda Kaivalya Chheda - Dadu (as Master Kewalya Chedha)
Johnny Lever Johnny Lever - Jaddu (as Johny Lever)
Shahbaaz Khan Shahbaaz Khan - Babu

In a scene the whole Sinha clan was supposed to slip on marbles and Hotwheels Car. In that scene for every take Kaivalya Chheda insisted on using 4 Hotwheels car, 2 below each feet to slip and fall on his face, while the director had asked them to fall on their backs. Finally director gave him a pass and shot the scene as it is.

Initially Kaivalya Chheda was rejected by casting director of the movie.However Mr Veeru Devgan saw him in Cadbury Gems TV commercial in which he portrayed a bully and called him again for audition.After watching audition in person he overruled Casting Director and casted him as Dadu on the spot.

Manisha Koirala was signed for the lead role but opted out due to her commitments to other films.

At the time of the release it was the most expensive movie ever in Bollywood, with the Production cost of 36 crores.

The film was directorial debut of Anil Devgn who is cousin of Ajay Devgan.

Rishi Kapoor's first film where played a character role.

Sanjay Dutt had a cameo in the film.

Initially, sunny deol was singed in for a cameo as original Raju chacha but later the role was scrapped .

First time Ajay Devgan and Sanjay Dutt acted in a film.

After this Kajol and Ajay Devgan were seen together in a film in U Me Aur Hum 2008.Directional debut of Ajay Devgan.

Directional Debut of Anil Devgan.

Released during Christmas on 20th December 2000.

Rishi Kapoor had stopped taking lead roles during that time and returned to play character roles in films after three years.But same year his much delayed film Karobaar 2000 released which had him playing the lead role.

Ajay Devgan lost alot of money when the film flopped. To make up for the financial losses he signed alot of films just for money. Parwana being one of them.

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    Okay, this movie is not that bad. its a good kids movie in bollywood and it entertain children's a lot. i remember when i was 13 and i used to love this movie and i wanted to buy the original DVD but my dad didn't as he didn't like the movie instead he got me sholay which was alright. This movie has few good songs and the performances were okay, not to bad. its actually about three children who become orphans when they're father got killed and the uncles or who ever they are came to take over the Disney designs house and being nasty to the children so then raju chacha (Ajay) comes to save them... A Cool movie... too kiddish though... ~M~
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    This is one of my favorite childhood movies. Unfortunately it was not a very big hit probably because it had a totally different taste from conventional bollywood movies especially the tragic accident scene which brutally hurts you but still is definitely a commendable job. The music score also fits the movie plot perfectly.

    When I first saw it, I thought they might provide a sequel to it but it never happened. Overall it was one the good movies that bollywood can ever produce. I recommend it. Also, it's definitely not an "only for children" movie. Some also criticize it to be a copy of "The Sound of Music" but then many great movies have been copies: Did you know that Sholay was also a copy!!??
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    Throw her heart

    This is the most corrupt copy of Hollywood Classic " The Sound Of The Music." Ajay Devgan is totally wasted in the role. The kids are annoying and look like artificial flowers made to look natural. Watching Rishi Kapoor proves to be a painful experience. kajol tries to save the movie but she can only be as good as a married Bollywood heroine is allowed in a movie ghost directed and acted in by her "Husband". AVOID IT. Watch the original "The Sound Of Music" instead.
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    Strictly made for kids below 10 as audience this movie is a corrupt copy of the Hollywood Classic "The Sound Of The Music". It fails to live up to the charisma of the original. Ajay Devgan is average. Kajol is okay and the kids can be annoying. 3/10