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Banketten (1948) HD online

Banketten (1948) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: Banketten
Director: Hasse Ekman
Writers: Marika Stiernstedt,Hasse Ekman
Released: 1948
Duration: 1h 46min
Video type: Movie
Jacob Cotten is a rich banker, quickly approaching his 60th birthday. He is concerned that none of his sons are willing to or able to be in charge of the bank. One is a spoiled parasite unable to do an honest day's work, the other has devoted his life to the communist youth club. Meanwhile, his beloved daughter Vica is unable to divorce her masochistic husband and gets herself a lover, a young idealistic medical student.
Complete credited cast:
Ernst Eklund Ernst Eklund - Jacob
Elsa Carlsson Elsa Carlsson - Agnes
Sture Lagerwall Sture Lagerwall - Pierre
Eva Henning Eva Henning - Vica
Hasse Ekman Hasse Ekman - Hugo
Sven Lindberg Sven Lindberg - Ivar
Birger Malmsten Birger Malmsten - Rex
Hilda Borgström Hilda Borgström - Alberta
Jan Molander Jan Molander - Sixten
Barbro Flodquist Barbro Flodquist - Kate (as Barbro Flodqvist)
Ragnar Arvedson Ragnar Arvedson - Disponenten
Solveig Lagström Solveig Lagström - Siri

Director and lead actor Hasse Ekman was married to female lead actress Eva Henning 1946-53.

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    Hasse Ekman always made movies with the best Swedish actors of his time. 'Banketten' is no exception with great performances from Sven Lindberg, Eva Henning and Sture Lagerwall. This is the story of an upper-class family with internal problems. The old patriarch father must decide who will inherit his company, but one son, Ivar, is a socialist, the other one, Pierre, is a big-spending irresponsible brat. Hasse Ekman and Eva Henning is the young married couple, locked in a marriage where love and romance have been replaced by insults and cynicism. It is interesting to know that the two were married to each other also outside the screen.

    Of the 40 movies that Ekman directed, this is one of his five best.
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    Hasse Ekman had already established himself as the leading director at the time (before Bergman) but the leading role as the sadistic Hugo Stenbrott also established him as a gifted actor. Ingmar Bergman was impressed an gave Ekman one of the parts in "Gycklarnas afton", 1953. Eva Henning (Ekmans wife in real life as well) gives a striking performance as the lovesick Vica.

    A frightening peak into the world of the upper-class, where the devil hides under a polished surface. Almost a masterpiece! **** (out of five)