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California Cowgirls (1979) HD online

California Cowgirls (1979) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Adult
Original Title: California Cowgirls
Director: R. William
Released: 1979
Duration: 58min
Video type: Movie
Cast overview:
Johnny Harden Johnny Harden - Bronco Johnny Hardon (as Gene Carrier)

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    In porn there are obscure films and obscure performers, and California COWGIRLS delivers both. It's a showcase for Bronco Johnny Hardon, a guy who out-wadds Johnny Holmes.

    This truly junky video doesn't identify any of the title creatures, basically five ho's who take on Bronco's member and lose. His secret weapon is girth -unlike J.C. Holmes he can achieve an erection and when he does he packs a mouthful.

    There's nothing to this stag exercise, just Gene Carrier/Johnny Harden mouthing off directly to the camera and each girl humping him on a bed. No exteriors and only the girls' bandanas and Johnny's chaps to give it a western feel. There is a sequence where Johnny rides on the girl's back on the bed with reins, bridle and a bit in her mouth, but that was more like East Coast b&d to my way of thinking.

    Of the gals one huge natural tits brunette was diverting, but the coup de grace here is a finale wherein Johnny delivers two cum shots as fountains, one directed to the camera, more impressive than Peter North. They make up for an earlier fakearoo money shot with the girl performing the Milk of Magnesia trick. The culprit is an Oriental performer they call Soo Lin, and she's wearing an odd patch on her arm that looks like she's quitting smoking.

    To top it all off, Gene looks a lot like Ethan Hawke -another reminder to me to get on the horn and have Richard Linklater start his long-awaited (only by me that is) XXX followup to BOYHOOD.