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The Realtor (2004) HD online

The Realtor (2004) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Short
Original Title: The Realtor
Director: Edward Mendoza
Writers: Dean St. Louis
Released: 2004
Budget: $25,000
Duration: 10min
Video type: Movie
In the world of cutthroat tactics, the realty world is the most brutal, see what THE REALTOR (Dean St. Louis) is willing to do-just to close the sale. You can run. You can hide. But if you must buy a house you'll have to face him. Nothing will prepare you for "THE REALTOR".
Credited cast:
Trey Evans Trey Evans - Shotgun Mike
Jim Gulliford Jim Gulliford - Kevin
Kira Hasher Kira Hasher - Tracy
Kerry Mitchell Kerry Mitchell - Security Guard
Griselda Prieto Griselda Prieto - Shotgun Mike's Girl
Dean St. Louis Dean St. Louis - The Realtor
Dorothy St. Louis Dorothy St. Louis - Old Women
Ronald St. Louis Ronald St. Louis - Old Man

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    The style of this short had me hooked from the beginning. There's something in the filming, the environment, and the likable characters and a storyline that's relatable. It was a very comfortable watch, which is a strange and rare vibe for a short film to give off. A great and positive vibe throughout.

    The characters were excellent, and even in such a short time, the film was able to fully connect you with them. The humorous storyline was completely original, and it kept me smiling and laughing the entire time.

    It was a great watch from beginning to end.
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    I saw this hilarious short film at the CU2 Film Festival in New York City in May. Here are my thoughts:

    I thought that story was rather good..Funny Good way to cheer yourself up within 10 mins

    The Acting was quite good..

    The Realtor was a good character. The witty one, and the second best guy in it...Sorry but the trenchcoat dude was better...Maybe because of his lines..and his short but witty role

    The film was funny..really did cheer me up..It was short, witty, and humorous..And I'm sure i can say that most short films about 10 mins long cannot make any humor as good as the Realtor

    I enjoyed the film as a whole..But i favour the scene when the trenchcoat person comes out, and Shock & Terror (CKY) starts on..It got me in the mood to put on cKy after *which I've done so* And the editing of the music..Like when the music starts when he opens his car door. and ends when he opens the building door...then back on when he enters the room, I found that very well done

    -There was some good everyone in shot, perfect -Editing was good. Everything was put together very well -I enjoyed the music, that was very good.background noise..environment, cKy what more could you ask for? -That was all Jus doubt about that..everything about that..EXCELLENT..I watched the truck smashing for the film and the trailer a couple times...normally you can see it change at last second...but even that didn't happen...i thought that was a great effort on that

    -The film was set over the 10 mins very well..kept it all spaced..not jus all packed within 2 mins..kept the whole video entertaining -Great movie! Keep it up