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Small Jeans (2007) HD online

Small Jeans (2007) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama
Original Title: Small Jeans
Director: Julian West
Writers: Julian West
Released: 2007
Duration: 15min
Video type: Movie
'This is me. My name is Zoe. And I own a pair of small jeans. ' Zoe is a 22 year old artist whose life is in a kind of chaos. Ignoring all of her real problems, she is consumed with apocalyptic fears and fixates on one goal: to find a suitable owner for a pair of tiny pants she has never been able to fit into herself. Her quest provides the perfect opportunity to indulge her obsession with a mystery girl who may or may not be a prostitute. And she may even get to save her new friend from a wicked world. But Zoe discovers some people just don't want to be saved, and her failed mini-adventure in philanthropy leads Zoe inevitably back to finally face her own problems.
Cast overview:
Jessica James Jessica James - Zoe
Ellana Fortuna Ellana Fortuna - Jill
Julian West Julian West - Bill
Haval Mariani Haval Mariani - Doctor
Mark Gantt Mark Gantt - Boyfriend
David Kavandi David Kavandi - Pimp
Kathleen Lancaster Kathleen Lancaster - Store Girl