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My Doubtful Self and I (2016) HD online

My Doubtful Self and I (2016) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama
Original Title: My Doubtful Self and I
Director: C.S. Kelly
Writers: C.S. Kelly
Released: 2016
Budget: AUD 50
Video type: Movie
Chris wakes up to the realisation that he forgot his mother's birthday and begins to panic. He decides that the perfect last-minute present would be a poem. A few moments pass and he still has no ideas for a poem. As he looks into his bedroom mirror, he realises that his reflection has a life of it's own and begins to talk to him. The Other Chris offers to help with the poem and Chris accepts. Other Chris jumps out of the mirror and proceeds to annoy Chris with his pedantic opinions about how the poem should start and what font to use. After a few sentences, Chris gets angry and snaps at Other Chris, saying that he's nit-picking too much. This is when Chris realises that the Other Chris is his doubt, and though he's helped him think through things in the past, too much of him is unhealthy.
Credited cast:
C.S. Kelly C.S. Kelly - Chris

The doppelganger effect was achieved through the use of a green screen.

C.S. Kelly won Best Actor for this film in the 24/7 Youth Film Festival 2016.