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From the Cellar (2010) HD online

From the Cellar (2010) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy
Original Title: From the Cellar
Director: Tito Sacchi
Writers: Tito Sacchi
Released: 2010
Budget: £800
Duration: 2min
Video type: Movie
For Igor even the most surreal experience is banal, trapped by the monotony of his extraordinary work. From the Cellar is a comedy about perspective and how innocuous requests can make big waves.
Complete credited cast:
Anthony Styles Anthony Styles - Igor
Mike Davies Mike Davies - Guest (as Robert Eliot)
Angela Peters Angela Peters - Fiancée
Nick Daw Nick Daw - Chef

The actor appearing briefly in the film as the "Chef" used to be a real chef and wrote numerous cooking books. He now is a cinematographer.

'From the Cellar' was in the top 10 Virgin Media finalists.