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Das Ultimatum läuft ab (1975) HD online

Das Ultimatum läuft ab (1975) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Crime / Drama
Original Title: Mark il poliziotto spara per primo
Director: Stelvio Massi
Writers: Teodoro Corrà,Stelvio Massi
Released: 1975
Duration: 1h 35min
Video type: Movie
Mark Terzi goes to Genoa to take on the case of a serial killer who calls himself "The Sphinx".
Cast overview, first billed only:
Franco Gasparri Franco Gasparri - Commissario Mark Terzi
Lee J. Cobb Lee J. Cobb - Il commedator Benzi
Nino Benvenuti Nino Benvenuti - Ghini
Ely Galleani Ely Galleani - Angela Frizzo
Spyros Fokas Spyros Fokas - Morini (as Spiros Focás)
Andrea Aureli Andrea Aureli - Giornalista
Ida Meda Ida Meda - Franca Frizzo
Massimo Girotti Massimo Girotti - Il Questore Spaini
Roberto Caporali Roberto Caporali - Bernardi
Guido Celano Guido Celano - Mario Borelli
Francesco D'Adda Francesco D'Adda - Ragioniere di Ghini
Tom Felleghy Tom Felleghy - Dr. Marchi
Edoardo Florio Edoardo Florio
Archimede Muzi Archimede Muzi
Gianni Ottaviani Gianni Ottaviani - Judge Guglielmi

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    Some guy I've never heard called Franco Gaspperri plays cocky young cop Mark Tenzi in this Eurocrime film that's very close in spirit to Dirty Harry. Mark's sent to Genoa to solve a couple of crimes - one being the kidnapping of crooked businessman Lee Cobb, and the other the gunning down of a bride right on the steps of a chapel by a serial killer called the Sphinx.

    Tenzi quickly tracks down Lee Cobb and just like the title says, he guns down one of the kidnappers and the other escapes, leading to the requisite car chase (I'm not complaining). The other guy gets away and goes to his underworld links to get help, where the plot starts getting a bit complicated as it seems the the underworld, the kidnapping and the serial killer are all interlinked and it's down to Tenzi to sort everyone out with his 'shoot first, act later' attitude.

    Stupid analogy time: These Italian genre films are like football matches. The rules are the same, the length of time they take roughly the same, but no two matches are the same and people go every week to watch the same thing hoping for something a little special. The difference is in the players (actors) involved and the managers (directors) shouting the orders. Plus I guess if the referees got their boobs out that would strengthen whatever brain-damaged comparison I was making, and if the actors in Eurocrime films run around dry humping each other every time they shot a bad guy that would help too. What I'm trying to say is that Edwige Fenech is Alex Ferguson.

    Shoot outs! Chases on foot! Chases by car! Warehouse gun battles! Ely Galleani! Tom Felleghy as a businessman/policeman/doctor/scientist! Tenzi owns a St Bernard for some reason. The serial killer angle makes a bit of a difference to this one and Stelvio Massi is really good at filming action sequences, so you'll manage to stay awake to the end of this one no problem.