» » Come Dine with Me Canada Minesh Dattani: Block 14 (2010– )

Come Dine with Me Canada Minesh Dattani: Block 14 (2010– ) HD online

Come Dine with Me Canada Minesh Dattani: Block 14 (2010– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Reality TV
Original Title: Minesh Dattani: Block 14
Director: Barbara Margetts,Carolyn Smith
Writers: Amy Hosking,Peter St. Laurent
Released: 2010–
Duration: 22min
Video type: TV Episode
Minesh Dattani is the next host of the dinner party. Pretentious Minesh has no doubt in his mind that he will win the week, especially since he has the kitchen with double all the bells and whistles to be able to do it. His menu consists of supersonic gin and tonics as the welcome drink, tandoori chicken as the appetizer, grilled wagyu beef steaks as the main course, and deep fried chocolate bars for dessert. Minesh pays a pretty penny for the meat and for the wine parings, both which he wants to impress in and of themselves. Despite some of his guests not wanting Minesh to be loved solely for his money, some are nonetheless wowed by some of the toys Minesh has in his lavish house. Minesh may end up paying a price for the extravagant method of serving his main. By the end of the party, one part of the question of whether money can buy happiness will be answered.
Episode credited cast:
Jamie Carr Jamie Carr - Himself - Narrator (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Larry Boccioletti Larry Boccioletti - Himself - Contestant
Vicky Celestini Vicky Celestini - Herself - Contestant
Minesh Dattani Minesh Dattani - Himself - Contestant
Marie Renaud Marie Renaud - Herself - Contestant
Tricia Warren Tricia Warren - Herself - Contestant