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The Rip-Tide (1923) HD online

The Rip-Tide (1923) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Adventure / Drama / Mystery / Romance
Original Title: The Rip-Tide
Director: Jack Pratt
Writers: J. Grubb Alexander,J. Grubb Alexander
Released: 1923
Video type: Movie
When he left for India, she was sweet, shy and unspoiled. He returned to find a woman of the world - cynical, brilliant and hard. What had brought about this change? Perhaps it was Count Boris Voronsky, a man who was absolutely unscrupulous and had a soul that knew naught but evil. And yet two women loved him tenderly, faithfully and devotedly. And when, pallid and trembling, he cringed before his impending doom, both women strove to help him avert the fate that was rightfully his.
Cast overview:
Stuart Holmes Stuart Holmes - Count Boris Voronsky
Rosemary Theby Rosemary Theby - Countess Dagmar
Russell Simpson Russell Simpson - The Maharajah
J. Frank Glendon J. Frank Glendon - Prince Tagor
George Regas George Regas - The Philosopher (as George Rigas)
Diana Alden Diana Alden - Princess Indora