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Alice's Last Halloween (2015) HD online

Alice's Last Halloween (2015) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short
Original Title: Aliceu0027s Last Halloween
Director: Carly Emerick
Writers: Carly Emerick,Hoyt Emerick
Released: 2015
Duration: 7min
Video type: Movie
Man tells the story of how, when he was a boy, he witnessed the killing of a local elderly woman by townspeople who believed she passed out Halloween candy that had been tampered with and poisoned.
Credited cast:
Nick Bramlett Nick Bramlett - Gothic Story Teller
Carly Emerick Carly Emerick - Cuckoo Carnival Girl
Hoyt Emerick Hoyt Emerick - Skeleton Black Devil
Bryan Henn Bryan Henn - Skeleton Dancer #2
Bradley Schmidt Bradley Schmidt - Trombone Playin' Red Devil
Joseph Soquet Joseph Soquet - Alice Crowley

Tampered with / poisoned Halloween candy is generally and largely considered more of an urban legend than it is fact.

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    Some believe this to be just an urban legend, but in this suburb of Pittsburgh people know the truth. Once again Nick Bramlett has crafted a masterpiece of lyrical indulgence which satisfies even the most devilish demands of his faithful followers. Nick's horn is not the only one to be blown, as that co-starring red devil toots his way into our hearts with a melody that can be considered both trick and treat. While many an actor would not have the wherewithal to even try to rhyme the word Monogahela, the multisyllabic town snakes its way past Nick's pouting lips like king size Snickers bar being engulfed with Halloween passion. While not a story for the faint of heart, most children should enjoy this instant cult classic without being confused by the underlying homo-erotic undertones displayed throughout. All will agree that Nick Bramlett's star is on the rise and his next work will be anxiously awaited as this tale aches for a sequel or maybe another holiday themed follow up. Naughty or Nice? Nick Bramlett is coming to town. This reviewer wants to find Nick under his tree.