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No More Bald Heads (1908) HD online

No More Bald Heads (1908) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy
Original Title: No More Bald Heads
Released: 1908
Video type: Movie

Original French title is undetermined.

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    This Pathe Silent showed up on Youtube. No one seems to know its original title or what wrote, directed or starred in it. All that's known is it showed up, with a claim it was pulled from a 28-millimeter print.

    It starts off with a bald man running a comb down the middle of his blank pate. In comes a chambermaid, with a bottle. He tries a dab, and suddenly he has a spit curl like Baby Snooks. He tries some more, and has a full head of hair. More, and his hair is long and silky. Add some more...

    It's an interesting and modern version of the legend of King Midas. It's also pretty funny.