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Onnelliset leikit (1964) HD online

Onnelliset leikit (1964) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Drama / Romance
Original Title: Onnelliset leikit
Director: Esko Elstelä,Aito Mäkinen
Writers: Esko Elstelä,Aito Mäkinen
Released: 1964
Duration: 1h 36min
Video type: Movie
A film in two episodes. The first, "Juulia", is a young woman's stylish reminiscence of her brief summer romance, set in some of the most chic design locations around Helsinki. The second episode "Tikku", a seemingly semi-improvised comedy, takes an overworked housewife, her three children and her lazy husband out of the city to spend the weekend at the mother-in-law's.
Credited cast:
Pirkko Peltonen Pirkko Peltonen - Juulia (segment "Juulia")
Raimo Nenonen Raimo Nenonen - Matti Lindholm (segment "Juulia")
Riitta Elstelä Riitta Elstelä - Mother (segment "Tikku")
Lasse Liemola Lasse Liemola - Father (segment "Tikku")
Eeva Elstelä Eeva Elstelä - Daughter (segment "Tikku")
Saara Elstelä Saara Elstelä - Daughter (segment "Tikku")
Joel Elstelä Joel Elstelä - Son (segment "Tikku")
Etta-Liisa Kunnas Etta-Liisa Kunnas - Mother-in-law (segment "Tikku")
Ritva Vepsä Ritva Vepsä - Friend (segment "Tikku")
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Pertti Arjoranta Pertti Arjoranta - Shop assistant (segment "Tikku")
Irja Elstelä Irja Elstelä - Father's grandmother (segment "Tikku") (as Irja Lautia)
Pekka Haukinen Pekka Haukinen - Doctor (segment "Tikku")
Leena Ortola Leena Ortola - Woman in bus (segment "Tikku")
Pi Sarpaneva Pi Sarpaneva - Hattua sovittava nainen (segment "Juulia")
Helmi Savolainen Helmi Savolainen - Helmi (segment "Tikku")