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Running from the Guns (1987) HD online

Running from the Guns (1987) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Adventure / Crime
Original Title: Running from the Guns
Director: John Dixon
Writers: John Dixon
Released: 1987
Duration: 1h 27min
Video type: Movie
Pete and Dave accidentally pick up a container belonging to a gang of criminals at the dock. Returning the merchandise is easier said than done.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Jon Blake Jon Blake - Davie
Mark Hembrow Mark Hembrow - Peter
Nikki Coghill Nikki Coghill - Jill
Terence Donovan Terence Donovan - Bangles
Peter Whitford Peter Whitford - Terry
Patrick Ward Patrick Ward - Mulcahy
Warwick Sims Warwick Sims - Simon Martin
Bill Kerr Bill Kerr - Gilman
Gerard Kennedy Gerard Kennedy - Big Jim
Toni Lamond Toni Lamond - Davie's mom
Gus Mercurio Gus Mercurio - Chazza
Ken Snodgrass Ken Snodgrass - Ocker
Nick Waters Nick Waters - Raeburn
David Bickerstaff David Bickerstaff - Cranston
Gregory Ross Gregory Ross - Mallard (as Greg Ross)

This film is considered an Ozploitation picture, an Australian exploitation movie.

Reviews: [3]

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    Fantastic Australian cult movie in the class of Mad Max and Running on Empty.Had to be around that era to understand the buzz of a GTHO and other classic cars.Probably a bit late for its time.Wish I could find a good copy of the movie though.To see the wheels spinning and to see the shaker working on the HO is something to remember as well as the mechanic spanner.If your younger than middle age and not Australian you'll probably won't understand some of the humor,such as "Spanner,grab the bottle of BUNDY will Ya".Jon Blake was a fantastic actor that could have had the status of Mel Gibson if it wasn't for a tragic car accident that landed him as a paraplegic with brain damage.I for one as well as a lot of other people where saddened when we heard of this event.Classic Aussie actor of his time.Great in The Light horsemen with a bunch of other great Australian actors.
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    I remember the first time I came across this movie. My friend bought this as a video from the $1 bin when a local video store was closing down. I borrowed it off him and have enjoyed watching it ever since.

    It shows some cheeky Aussie yobbo jingoism and wacky 80's Aussie comedy. The lead actor Jon Blake does well as the star of the movie and the rest of the cast play their parts well.

    For Aussie car fans there are loads to see in this movie. From the GTHO, Charger, AC cobra and Jaguar race.

    Probably the best thing of all is that it shows what Melbourne looked like nearly 20 years ago. If you are from Melbourne you'll understand that the place has changed. See if you can recognise the Palace in St Kilda.

    Anyway, 10 might be way way to high for such a movie but I'd rather watch this instead of some crap film from Sydney.
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    Mysterious Wrench

    Terrible Australian yobbo 'comedy' with awful performances by a list of out of work actors who must have needed the money. Supposedly a gangster comedy it is a genre not managed until TWO HANDS or DIRTY DEEDS came along in the 90s. Set around urban wharehouses and with absolutely charmless lead characters - not so the actors - this genuine misfire hit the cinemas and dropped dead within 7 days. The extraordinary Jon Blake, so tragically physically destroyed in a near fatal accident has one of his few (magnetic) screen appearances in this ratty film. Terence Donovan is asked to perform the ugliest of nude scenes - one of which is repeated in the end credits and in freeze frame!! - as if the producer thought it was all such fun we would be roaring with laughter...not.....In fact the audience was screaming in disgust instead at the preview session I attended. The public stayed away and the film sank without a trace. The lesser roles are more interesting than the leads and so are the actors.. like Jon Blake as mentioned, and Toni Lamond who is always good, even if the show is a dud.