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Vater ist der Beste A Day in the Country (1954–1960) HD online

Vater ist der Beste A Day in the Country (1954–1960) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy / Family
Original Title: A Day in the Country
Director: Peter Tewksbury
Writers: Ed James,Roswell Rogers
Released: 1954–1960
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Episode
The family prepares for a trip to a family reunion. Jim finds a shortcut on a map they can travel to Margaret's family home. Alas, it is a rarely traveled road and their car breaks down. Jim walks to a small town and tries to find help.
Episode cast overview:
Robert Young Robert Young - Jim Anderson
Jane Wyatt Jane Wyatt - Margaret Anderson
Elinor Donahue Elinor Donahue - Betty Anderson
Billy Gray Billy Gray - Bud Anderson
Lauren Chapin Lauren Chapin - Kathy Anderson
Olin Howland Olin Howland - Ed (as Olin Howlin)
Claire Du Brey Claire Du Brey - Mrs. Laveer

Olin Howland passed away 15 days prior to the airing of this episode.

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    The sixth and final season (1959-60) of FATHER KNOWS BEST opens with the Andersons heading up to Lemon Falls for an annual reunion with Margaret's side of the family. Jim and the kids don't like these obligatory get-togethers; they think they are terribly corny, and they make the mistake (as they did in an earlier episode) of saying so out loud within earshot of Margaret, even doing satirical sendups of Margaret's relatives. Margaret becomes bitter at this, as it's all too clear what her husband and children think of her family.

    As the Andersons are en route to Lemon Falls, their car breaks down and Jim has to walk a couple of miles to a gas station to get help. Jim returns, having sent for help, and does his best to maintain the family's morale and improvise pastimes for them. But it looks as if the Andersons will miss the reunion, and Margaret begins to suspect that Jim is just a little bit happy about it.

    This episode has all the "edge" and depth of human interaction that the series was noted for. It is also nice to see that FKB maintained its fine artistic quality and consistency of tone to the last season.