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The Counterfeiter's Fate (1913) HD online

The Counterfeiter's Fate (1913) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama
Original Title: The Counterfeiteru0027s Fate
Director: Romaine Fielding
Released: 1913
Video type: Movie
Dick Blank, a mountain ranger, in instructed by his chief to go into the mountains to look for counterfeiters. Arriving at the lonely peek called Mt. Oro, he comes in con tact with Mary Meadows, a mountain maid. He also meets a notorious character called "The Parson," so named on account of his peculiar and eccentric dress. He in reality is the leader of the counterfeiters. The ranger perceives and after leaving a note for the mountain lass, he departs on the trail of "The Parson," "The Parson" and his henchman capture him and an insane hunchback attempts to blow him up with powder, but the mountain maid, who is fascinated by the good-natured stranger, arrives in time to save him. The bad men pay the penalty and Blank and the mountain maid after a short courtship get married.
Cast overview:
Romaine Fielding Romaine Fielding - Dick Blank
Gladys Brockwell Gladys Brockwell - Mary Meadows

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    The plot of this picture is a bit more complicated than usual in moonshiner or counterfeiter melodramas, with the revenue man or detective making quick love to the old man's daughter, but it is essentially like the others. And it is more artificial than usual with pictures by Romaine Fielding, who also plays the villain with not quite his usual feeling for character. Yet, just before the climax is reached, there are two groups of scenes that promise to be effective. There is snappy work in both, but neither really pans out. - The Moving Picture World, October 18, 1913