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Good Times Penny's Christmas (1974–1979) HD online

Good Times Penny's Christmas (1974–1979) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy
Original Title: Pennyu0027s Christmas
Director: Gerren Keith
Writers: Eric Monte,Mike Evans
Released: 1974–1979
Duration: 25min
Video type: TV Episode
Everybody's excited about Penny's first Christmas with Willona as the official adoption draws close; but when her money is stolen, Penny steals a necklace for Willona's Christmas present, is arrested, and her social worker starts to seriously reconsider allowing Willona to adopt her.
Episode cast overview:
Ja'net DuBois Ja'net DuBois - Willona Woods (as Ja'net Du Bois)
Ralph Carter Ralph Carter - Michael Evans
BernNadette Stanis BernNadette Stanis - Thelma Evans (as Bern Nadette Stanis)
Johnny Brown Johnny Brown - Nathan Bookman
Janet Jackson Janet Jackson - Millicent 'Penny' Woods
Jimmie Walker Jimmie Walker - James 'J.J.' Evans, Jr.
Alice Ghostley Alice Ghostley - Hortense Dobbs
Dap Sugar Willie Dap Sugar Willie - Santa Claus Lenny
Helen Verbit Helen Verbit - Saleswoman
George Ranito Jordan George Ranito Jordan - Security Man

This takes place in December 1977.

Stymie Beard appeared unbilled in the living room party scene

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    "Penny's Christmas" is classic stuff, poignant and funny just as the show can be. Alice Ghostley returns as Hortense Dobbs, ready to finalize Penny's adoption after the trial period. Willona has taken Penny to the department store for Christmas shopping, encountering 'Santa Claus Lenny' (Dap Sugar Willie, fifth of seven) as he frightens women by displaying his wares: "my name is Lenny and I got some reindeer named Donner and Blitzen and Benny, I wish you joy and I wish you cheer, have a cool yule and a mellow New Year! Would you like some gifts to hang in your stocking, I take Master Charge and validate parking!" After a pickpocket deprives the child of the money she needs to buy her mother a necklace, she slips out with the necklace in her purse, caught by the ever present security camera. Although this complicates things with Mrs. Dobbs, the woman with the aching feet has such a good time at the Evans Christmas party, singing "A Peartridge in a Partree," that she acknowledges the loving environment needed for young Penny. Alice Ghostley enjoys one of her finest showcases in her egg nog euphoria.