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Silver & Gold (2010) HD online

Silver & Gold (2010) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy
Original Title: Silver u0026 Gold
Director: Nao Bustamante
Writers: Nao Bustamante
Released: 2010
Duration: 45min
Video type: Movie
We begin our story with Maria rising to start her day of idealized and utopist labor: gathering the lilacs at the top of the season. She is solitary, yet divinely connected to nature. During her impossibly lovely work routine, she comes across a shimmering presence. It is a cheap mannequin with a sequin costume, but Maria sees a magical friend, which exuberantly takes her over and releases her from her diaphanous gown and transforms her into the queen of all her realm. At first Maria is willing to share her realm with the figure, but then discards it, as she steps into her new role of power. But this role comes with a hitch, as Maria discovers to her horror that she has acquired a penis along with the new costume and role. She hears a strange buzzing and discovers she is being chased by a swarm of penises! After a furtive chase she is knocked out cold, when she stumbles and hits her head on a rock by the creek. Lying in a state of unconsciousness, her penis turns into a pink, ...
Credited cast:
Nao Bustamante Nao Bustamante - Maria