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Mam'zelle Nitouche (1931) HD online

Mam'zelle Nitouche (1931) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Musical
Original Title: Mamu0027zelle Nitouche
Director: Marc Allégret
Writers: Marc Allégret,Jacques Bousquet
Released: 1931
Duration: 1h 46min
Video type: Movie
Célestin, the organist of a convent, has written and composed a light operetta under the name of Floridor. One day, the Mother Superior asks him to chaperone one of the boarders, Denise de Flavigny, who is returning home to get married. Now, Denise, for all her goody goody looks, soon proves as saucy as can be. Things get even more complicated when Célestin starts courting Corinne, the star of his operetta, to the great displeasure of a commander of dragons, the young woman's lover. Worse, the latter is none other than the Mother Superior's brother... To say nothing of Lieutenant Fernand de Champlatreux, who happens to fall in love with Denise, his fiancée that he has never seen before...!
Complete credited cast:
Raimu Raimu - Célestin / Floridor
Janie Marèse Janie Marèse - Denise de Flavigny
André Alerme André Alerme - Le major Alfred (as Alerme)
Edith Méra Edith Méra - Corinne
Alida Rouffe Alida Rouffe - Caroline, la mère supérieure
Marguerite Guérau Marguerite Guérau - La tourière (as M. Guereau)
Jean Rousselière Jean Rousselière - Le lieutenant Fernand de Champlatreux
Michel Duran Michel Duran - Un officier (as Michel Durand)
Suzy Leroy Suzy Leroy - Gimblette
Anthony Gildès Anthony Gildès - L'évêque (as Gildès)
Édouard Delmont Édouard Delmont - Le directeur du music-hall (as J. Delmont)
Pierre Darteuil Pierre Darteuil - Le vieux beau