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The Burglar and the Baby (1913) HD online

The Burglar and the Baby (1913) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Short
Original Title: The Burglar and the Baby
Director: Pat Hartigan
Released: 1913
Video type: Movie
Driven to desperation by his wife's nagging, Mr. Nag, who ordinarily is as meek as any lamb, rebels, and is ordered to leave the house. He does, and when offered the opportunity to follow the burglar's trade, jumps at it. Habit forces him to pick up a squalling baby in the first house he enters and this brings about the arrest of himself and confederate. The latter pry the bars of their cell apart, crawl out, and then do the same for Nag. He crawls out of the cell, stretches himself, and crawls back again. Curling himself on his cot he shakes his head gleefully, "No, Boys," says he, "Home was never like this. I stay here."
Cast overview:
John E. Brennan John E. Brennan - Mr. Nag
Juanita Sponsler Juanita Sponsler - Mrs. Nag
Ruth Roland Ruth Roland - The Nurse

Released as a split reel along with the comedy One Best Bet (1913).

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    The good-hearted husband loves to play with his child, but his wife accuses him of laziness and drives him out of the house. He becomes a burglar, but there is a baby in the first house he robs and he stops to play with it, the result being that he and his pals are arrested. Quite amusing. - The Moving Picture World, October 4, 1913