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The Saint Portrait of Brenda (1962–1969) HD online

The Saint Portrait of Brenda (1962–1969) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Original Title: Portrait of Brenda
Director: John Gilling
Writers: Leslie Charteris,Harry W. Junkin
Released: 1962–1969
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Episode
Alan Williams is found dead having rung the Saint for his assistance. Pop singer Diane Huntley, a friend of Alan's, takes the Saint to meet a guru who runs meditation sessions at a hefty price, and the Saint is convinced the guru is behind the murder. Diane tells the Saint that Alan had a younger sister Brenda, who also saw the guru and who committed suicide. Alan had painted a portrait of Brenda and in its frame are hidden various documents which will lead the Saint to avenge his friend's death.
Episode complete credited cast:
Roger Moore Roger Moore - Simon Templar
Anna Carteret Anna Carteret - Diane Huntley
Ivor Dean Ivor Dean - Chief Inspector Teal
Anne De Vigier Anne De Vigier - Josephine
Trevor Bannister Trevor Bannister - Johnny Fox
Petra Davies Petra Davies - Mrs. White
Marne Maitland Marne Maitland - The Guru
Hazel Coppen Hazel Coppen - Mrs. Blondel
Tina Ruta Tina Ruta - Opera Singer
Larry Taylor Larry Taylor - Ashok
David Prowse David Prowse - Tony
Harry Littlewood Harry Littlewood - Postman

Roger Moore knew that he had been selected to play James Bond when this episode was filmed. In celebration, for the first time and as a nod to Sean Connery, The Saint introduces himself to Josephine as 'Templar....Simon Templar'. In a short time he would be introducing himself as Bond...James Bond.