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Маленькие Эйнштейны Annie's Solo Mission (2005– ) HD online

Маленькие Эйнштейны Annie's Solo Mission (2005– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Animation / Adventure / Comedy / Family
Original Title: Annieu0027s Solo Mission
Director: Olexa Hewryk
Writers: Jeff Borkin,Jeff Borkin
Released: 2005–
Duration: 25min
Video type: TV Episode
When musical bubbles whisk Leo, June, and Quincy across the Atlantic Ocean, it's up to Annie to save them! Annie embarks on her first ever solo mission. Just like Amelia Earhart, Annie blasts off all by herself and navigates Rocket across the globe, following the exact route of the musical bubbles. Together with the audience's help, Annie learns to successfully pilot Rocket and she successfully rescues her stranded friends before it's too late!
Episode credited cast:
Harrison Chad Harrison Chad - Leo (singing voice)
Heidi Ewart Heidi Ewart
Poppy Lee Friar Poppy Lee Friar - June
Jesse Goldberg Jesse Goldberg - (singing voice)
Erica Huang Erica Huang - June (voice)
Aiden Pompey Aiden Pompey - Quincy (voice)
Trenton Rogers Trenton Rogers - Leo (voice)
Jesse Schwartz Jesse Schwartz - Leo (voice)
Emma Straus Emma Straus - (singing voice)
Piers Stubbs Piers Stubbs - Leo
Philip Trencher Philip Trencher - (singing voice)
Natalia Wojcik Natalia Wojcik - Annie (voice)