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Kabbalah (2010) HD online

Kabbalah (2010) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: Kabbalah
Director: Luccas Soares
Writers: Luccas Soares
Released: 2010
Duration: 1h 10min
Video type: Movie
To understanding Kabbalah is to become aware of life's mystical, spiritual origins and destiny, and the unseen forces affecting our relationships and circumstances in life. Van Auken presents Kabbalistic wisdom about God and the Creation, the Tree of Life, the 10 emanations, the four planes of existence, the five divisions of our being, the seven heavens, as well as angels, magical incantations, talismans, numerology, planetary influences, and spiritualization of our body, mind, and soul.


Credited cast:
Amanda Alves Amanda Alves - Namorada
Gutemberg Barros Gutemberg Barros - Empresário
Roberto Birindelli Roberto Birindelli - Homem do aeroporto
Marcelo Cavalcanti Marcelo Cavalcanti - Suicida 1
Felipe Chamone Felipe Chamone - Homem do Trânsito
Louise D'Tuani Louise D'Tuani - Suicida 2
Celso Antônio da Silva Celso Antônio da Silva - Taxista
Eval Fidias Eval Fidias - Homem da ONG
Giordanna Forte Giordanna Forte - Mulher do aeroporto
Maíra Graber Maíra Graber - Mulher do bolo
Igor Keller Igor Keller - Amigo Bêbado 2
Ricardo Martins Ricardo Martins - Bêbado da Carteira
Bernardo Mendes Bernardo Mendes - Amigo trânsito 2
Isabella Neto Isabella Neto - Duda
Dudu Pires Dudu Pires - Guto