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Deadlocked (2000) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Crime / Thriller / Drama / Mystery
Original Title: Deadlocked
Director: Michael W. Watkins
Writers: David Rosenfelt,David Rosenfelt
Released: 2000
Duration: 1h 30min
Video type: Movie
A young man is accused of rape and murder and placed on trial. His father doesn't believe that he is guilty, so in act of desperation he grabs the bailiff's guns and takes the whole jury hostage and insists that the prosecuting attorney re-investigates the crime that his son's accused of.


Cast overview, first billed only:
David Caruso David Caruso - Ned Stark
Charles S. Dutton Charles S. Dutton - Jacob Doyle
Jo D. Jonz Jo D. Jonz - Demond Doyle
John Finn John Finn - Jack Fisque
Diego Wallraff Diego Wallraff - Sgt. DeLucca
Malcolm Stewart Malcolm Stewart - Richard Castlemore
Michael Tomlinson Michael Tomlinson - Barry Lambert
Tom Butler Tom Butler - Alexander Hampton
Kim Hawthorne Kim Hawthorne - Ms. Tennyson (as Kimberly Hawthorne)
Babe Dolan Babe Dolan - Mrs. Sexton
Guyle Fraizer Guyle Fraizer - Quentin
Oscar Goncalves Oscar Goncalves - Octavio
Karin Konoval Karin Konoval - Mrs. Novalo
Don MacKay Don MacKay - Forest
Walter Marsh Walter Marsh - Dewey

Reviews: [9]

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    This is a well made, made for TV movie. Nothing too impressive but certainly good enough and enjoyable to kill some time with.

    The story is nothing special, although the concept, of the father of a murder suspect taking the entire jury of the trail hostage, itself is pretty good and interesting. The movies does have its moments but it has lots of missed opportunities as well. Such as the fact that the husband of the murdered wife is also among the hostages, is an highly underused story element. They could have made more out of this, such as some interesting and heated confrontations between the suspect and the husband but nothing ever happens with the husband at all. Really a missed opportunity there.

    But sure, the movie also has its expected flaws and it lacks in credibility at times. Still the movie and its story work effective enough to keep you watching till the end. It isn't terribly exciting and to be honest it also was quite predictable but the way the movie is constructed and the way the story is told, provides the movie with some good sequences and moments.

    Also the two main leads are a reason why the movie works effective enough and serves its purpose. David Caruso is a convincing leading man and Charles S. Dutton is good as the hostage taker. He portrays his character very humane and understandable. Most of the other characters aren't really interesting enough, mainly because they don't play a prominent enough role in the movie.

    It all in all was a better than expected, made for TV thriller with some good moments that mainly works because of the two main actors of the movie. It's a movie well worth watching if the opportunity is there but obviously by no means a must-see.

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    Deadlocked was a fast-paced, up-to-date TV movie which gave a realistic view of our criminal justice system. David Caruso and Charles Dutton were excellent in their portrayals of this system. David Caruso, as always, gave a superb performance!
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    Sort of a cross between "The Negotiator" and "12 Angry Men," "Deadlocked" is a legal thriller that features an interesting premise, relevant to the current focus on the fairness of the American justice system. After his African-American son has just been convicted of the murder of a white female, a father (Charles S. Dutton) takes the jury hostage in an attempt to prove his son's innocence. With many lives at stake, the skeptical prosecutor (David Caruso) has 14 hours to re-examine the case and find evidence to exonerate the accused.

    Dutton and Caruso give solid performances, as does the actor who plays Dutton's convict son. SPOILER ALERT The film's biggest fault (SPOILER AHEAD) is that Caruso is able to find the evidence that incriminates the real killer in so little time. It's completely unrealistic. Still, it's more the result of trying to fit a film into a 1 hour time-slot on TNT than anything else. It shows how time constraints can really limit the potential of TV films, especially when they are aired on Cable channels that constantly interrupt the movie for commercials.
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    Ned Stark is the Assistant DA on a clear case of murder. On the day of sentencing the father of the accused pleads with the jury to not give his son the death sentence. When he is removed from the stand he draws a gun and takes the jury hostage. Blaming his son's poor defence for the outcome of the trial, he demands to see Stark and gives him an ultimatum – 24 hours to build a defence for his son and prove his innocence or at least a reasonable doubt.

    I wouldn't call myself a `fan' of Caruso, but I did like him in NYPD Blue and, since he has done the same performance in everything he's done since, I tend to watch things that he's in – which brings to this movie. I'm not a lover of courtroom thrillers with their last minute twists and shock endings, but I can get into them if they are exciting and pretty tight. However this film is anything but; built on the thinnest of plots with almost no logic to speak of it was doomed from less than 15 minutes in. An exciting and quite good final 10 minutes don't make up for anything and it isn't very good.

    The plot relies heavily on Demond Doyle not standing up for himself and telling his lawyer about evidence that proves his whereabouts – the reason he keeps quiet are very poorly put forward and are clumsily put down to the `black man's lot is not a happy lot'! It moves past this as quickly as possible, hoping we'll just accept it as fact and not question it. The rest of the film is daft, as Stark makes easy work of the clues that somehow no one else had time to even consider.

    The film also has a laughable scene that stood out so much that I much mention it. Caruso chases a suspect down alleys and over wasteland. When it is clearly Caruso himself you can see that he runs like a woman compared to the perp he is chasing! However he is replaced by a stunt double for much of the scene; a stunt double, may I add, who looks nothing like him and who's red wig is about twice the size of Caruso's own barnet!

    Despite this, Caruso is alright if you like him – like I said, he's doing nothing new. Dutton is stronger and hams it up well when given the chance. The support cast are all pretty much TV quality at best and they just fill the gaps really. Only Jonz stands out as the accused – he does OK despite the totally unbelievable situation surrounding his character!

    Overall, a poor film where the word `thriller' can only be ascribed to the final 10 minutes (and even then, only if you swallow the whole unlikely setup). Not really worth watching, the plot is just far too weak to do anything with and the cracks show from the very start.
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    Terrible. I watched this as a non-broken by advertisement movie on UK TV. The premise is shot to pieces (POSSIBLE SPOILER) as we are expected to believe that a man has been on trial, presumably with the long period of evidence gathering that invariably precedes a trial, yet Caruso heroically turns up (blatantly obvious!) new evidence (CCTV etc.) that overturns the verdict in 14 hours, AND saves his relationship with his own kid at the same time. OK, the dramatic premise is good - poor black guy v. the system, but a bit more time and care might have turned this into something watchable.
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    At home in Seattle, Washington, deputy district attorney David Caruso (as Ned Stark) appears to be having trouble understanding his school-aged son Lorne Stewart (as Cory Stark). At work, Mr. Caruso convicts Jo D. Jonz (as Demond Doyle) of raping and bludgeoning a woman to death. The evidence against Mr. Jonz is overwhelming and it's considered an "open and shut" case. Jonz' priors include violent arrests and gang participation. The convicted man's father Charles S. Dutton (as Jacob Doyle) has arrived during sentencing. Estranged from his son for the past four years, Mr. Dutton interrupts the (death) penalty proceedings by grabbing the bailiff's guns to take the jury and victim's husband hostage...

    Dutton is sure his son did not commit the crime. He demands prosecutor Caruso re-open the investigation to prove his son innocent, or Dutton will start killing off jurors. There are some major problems, here. Dutton is convinced his son is completely innocent, but offers little proof. He also appears quite ready to commit mass murder...

    There is a parallel drawn between Caruso and Dutton, as fathers. The issues of race and socio-economic status are used well, but the comparison fails because Caruso has no idea whether or not is son is guilty of the problem reported at school. Caruso doesn't know, but Dutton does; it doesn't make sense, unless there is a race and/or class distinction being made. As the story unfolds, we are also puzzled by the son's failure to discuss the case. There is little interaction with the victim's husband, Malcolm Stewart (as Richard Castlemore). Considering what happened, you'd expect these individuals would have a lot more to say about the crime. Despite these concerns, "Deadlocked" is an engaging and nicely acted TNT Movie.

    ****** Deadlocked (6/18/00) Michael W. Watkins ~ David Caruso, Charles S. Dutton, Jo D. Jonz, Lorne Stewart
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    This movie is excellent! I loved it! It has everything, great acting, costumes, production, script, photography, directing, and a great storyline. I definitely give kudos to the cast, crew, and filmmakers for this two thumbs way up movie. 10 out of 10 stars.

    In this edge of your seat drama-thriller, a man whose son was convicted of first-degree murder and is now facing the death penalty, is convinced of his innocence. With that during the penalty phase of the trial he testifies for his son . But he loses his cool and gets out of control. He then takes the jury hostage in the deliberation room. He demands that the prosecuter, Ned Stark, (David Caruso), to find sufficient evidence to exonerate his son. If he finds it no one will die but if he doesn't then he will kill all of the jurors and anyone else who stands in his way.

    The truth is extremely surprising. It turns out that the victim was having an affair with the convicted killer, who was an employee at the company she worked at. It turns out that the husband caught them in the act and killed her. The convicted killer is exonerated and the husband is charged with her murder. Justice Is Served!
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    Excellent movie depicting our system's expediency to get a guilty verdict without examining all evidence. The story is compelling and allows us to stake a claim as we discover the question of justice especially when the verdict could be death for the defendant.
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    blac wolf

    A young man is accused of rape and murder and sentenced to death. During the sentencing, the boys father takes the jury hostage convinced of his son's innocence.

    The boys defender has 14 hours to find evidence to disprove the verdict, or the jury dies.

    It's a good movie, well filmed and keeps it taut throughout. The only problem I have with it is that the defender finds so much overlooked evidence so quickly. Also, the ending could have been better, instead of it finishing with the gun totting morons of the SWAT team.

    If you get the chance, it's well worth watching next time it's on TV.