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Language: English
Category: Movie / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Jiva
Director: Greg Powell
Writers: Peter Koevari
Video type: Movie
A grief-stricken scientist, Julian, continues forbidden research after the death of his lead researcher, Doctor Lane, and the shutting down of Intech labs. Julian makes a life changing discovery, finding that their research could not only change the world, but carve a path to save those he lost. He partners with a weary cop, Shane, whose faith in a failing justice system has diminished, to take down a significant criminal threat to Australia's society, the seemingly untouchable Triad leader, Jason Zhang.
Credited cast, sorted by IMDb STARmeter:
Bella Rose Bella Rose - Sasha
Oscar Bailey Oscar Bailey - Dave
Korey Williams Korey Williams - Frank
Mathew Swift Mathew Swift - Kris
Holly Axsentieff Holly Axsentieff - Asja
Sarah Kathleen Sarah Kathleen - Kat
Sean Dennehy Sean Dennehy - Julian
Jasmyn Smith Jasmyn Smith - Teen Anna
Winnie Mzembe Winnie Mzembe - Laura
Carolyn Dante Carolyn Dante - Nastasia
Charlotte E Mackey Charlotte E Mackey - Yvette
Zahlee Moore Zahlee Moore - Child Anna
Wayne Bassett Wayne Bassett - Paul
Vanessa Bristow Vanessa Bristow - Doctor Lane
Teirah Green Teirah Green - Heather