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The Mummy Trio (2001–2003) HD online

The Mummy Trio (2001–2003) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Animation / Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Thriller
Original Title: Trio
Director: Eddy Houchins
Writers: Greg Klein,Tom Pugsley
Released: 2001–2003
Duration: 22min
Video type: TV Episode
Alex, Yanit and a Medjai initiate search for Imhotep, who has merged with an ancient spider creature known as Nihansan.
Episode credited cast:
Jeff Bennett Jeff Bennett - Fadil (voice)
Jim Cummings Jim Cummings - Imhotep
Jeannie Elias Jeannie Elias - Yanit (voice)
Grey Griffin Grey Griffin - Evy Carnahan O'Connell (voice) (as Grey DeLisle)
Chris Marquette Chris Marquette - Alex O'Connell

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    Silver Globol

    I really can't praise this episode enough. Despite the fact that it omits most of the main cast, it has earned its place as my favourite episode of all for several reasons. It manages to marry up the two parts of the show's title - "The Mummy" and "Secrets of the Medjai" - far more successfully than any other episode; it's great to see Imhotep pitted directly against Alex and his fellow young Medjai in a new and original adventure. The teamwork and interplay between Alex, Yanit and Fadil is absolutely wonderful, and goes to show how important these three as a trio could and should have been to the whole show, had it continued. Fadil in particular benefits from some lovely character context and development in this episode, and the opening scene between him and his little brother is particularly enlightening and well done. I absolutely love how supportive Alex is of Fadil both emotionally and physically; Alex really proves himself as a great Medjai and a great leader of Medjai in the making. His overall journey through the series is not forgotten either, as we find him at the absolute apex of his Manacle and Medjai skills, which is excellent. I really feel that this episode contains all the potential for the show's future as well as fitting nicely into the existing sequence of events. It's simply excellent.