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Boys in Love (1996) HD online

Boys in Love (1996) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie
Original Title: Boys in Love
Director: George Camarda,P. David Ebersole
Writers: Terracino
Released: 1996
Video type: Movie
Four short films explore love, growth, and pain in intimate relationships between men. In "Death in Venice, CA," a stressed-out academic succumbs to the temptations of his landlady's 17-year old step-son. "Achilles" tells the story of Achilles and Patroclus during the siege of Troy. Pride costs Achilles the love of his life. In "My Polish Waiter," a chatty young man, Timith, pushes himself upon Belky, a nearly-wordless immigrant waiter. After they become lovers, Timith sees beyond himself to Belky's happiness. In "Miguel, Ma Belle," a needy, HIV-positive young man gets a dog as a gift when he's jilted. Through the dog, the young man, Miguel, becomes master of himself.

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    This reinterpretation of Death in Venice is a must. Too short though, well... it is a short movie as one should know. All the actors are perfect. Every detail counts (action taking place in Venice CA) and allusions to the famous movie -a delight to spot out - are everywhere in the plot, the set, the charactors, etc. A real pleasure.
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    A collage of four independent stories, these diverse fragments of film include "Death in Venice, CA." A study of a middle-aged man, his closeted homosexuality, and his developing interest for his landlady's son. "Achilles" is a wonderful treat thrown into the mix. Done in "clay-mation", this second segment portrays the lives of Achilles and his friend and would-be lover, Petroclus, as they do battle with the enemies of Troy and the demons inside. Extremely well done piece. Which leads to segment three, "My Polish Waiter. A bland tale of one man's love for a silent waiter. And then on to segment four, "Miguel, Ma Belle." Longer then it's predecessors, this quirky and lovable piece follows the adventures of a Gay Latino as he teaches commands to his new canine friend and learns more about himself in the process.