» » Le mystère du château de Beaufort (1911)

Le mystère du château de Beaufort (1911) HD online

Le mystère du château de Beaufort (1911) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama
Original Title: Le mystère du château de Beaufort
Director: Gérard Bourgeois
Released: 1911
Video type: Movie
Mid the charming grounds of Beaufort Grange, Helen and a party of friends engage in the childish game of hide-and-seek. The game is exciting and Helen seeks to hide herself in the old castle. She hides in an old fireplace of the customary massive proportions, when suddenly, as if by some unseen hand, a secret door springs open and a flight of stone steps are revealed, thinking this to be a fine hiding place, the young lady goes down the steps. Immediately the door closes after her, and she is entrapped in a dismal dungeon. Time wears on and exhausted in her efforts to attract attention, Helen falls into a stupor. Meanwhile, her friends have searched high and low and found no trace of her. The affair develops into a serious mystery. The Duke of Beaufort, owner of the Grange, becomes interested and alarmed. With the aid of some old maps of the Grange he searches for the lost girl. By some chance he happens to also place his hand upon the hidden spring; the door flies open, and he ...

Released in the US as a split reel along with the documentary Saas Grund, a Village in the Alps (1911).

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    An eerie impression of mystery is maintained pretty well by this picture. It is a story of a thrilling adventure with the secret of a very ghostly place, but no ghosts appear. Some young people were playing hide and seek among the old ruins. One young lady entered a hole in the wall and followed a passage into a room under the castle. She accidentally turned a peculiar spring and a door opened behind her. She entered, and at once it closed upon her, making her a prisoner. Her friends missed her, but she couldn't be found. Lord Beaufort also took up the search. He didn't know the secret, but discovered it, and he, too. was caught. Later, a detective also found it. and freed them. Some of the photographs of the film are very poor, but for the most part it is good and interesting. - The Moving Picture World, November 25, 1911