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Heather Has Four Moms (2018) HD online

Heather Has Four Moms (2018) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy / Drama
Original Title: Heather Has Four Moms
Director: Jeanette L. Buck
Writers: Jeanette L. Buck,Rani Deighe Crowe
Released: 2018
Duration: 14min
Video type: Movie
When Mom Four discovers Heather's plan to lose her virginity, she must convince the other three moms that Heather needs 'the talk'.
Credited cast:
Kristen Popham Kristen Popham - Heather
Holly Twyford Holly Twyford - Kim
Susan Rome Susan Rome - Mom
Tanya Baskin Tanya Baskin - Deb
Vanessa Bradchulis Vanessa Bradchulis - Becca
Usman Ishaq Usman Ishaq - Chad
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Greg Atkin Greg Atkin - Protestor
Erica Bartell Erica Bartell - High School Student
Alexandra Berrios Alexandra Berrios - High School Student
Cynthia Bigger Cynthia Bigger - High School Student
Audrey Bodek Audrey Bodek - Protestor
Isabel Carmen-Devers Isabel Carmen-Devers - Protestor
Martece Caudle Martece Caudle - High School Student
Allison Cenname Allison Cenname - High School Student
Joey Cronin Joey Cronin - High School Student

Though the situation has its comic aspects, the short subject won the committee,s award for Best Drama at the November 2o18 Carrboro film festival in North Carolina.