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Teenage Space Vampires (1999) HD online

Teenage Space Vampires (1999) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Action / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Teenage Space Vampires
Director: Martin Wood
Writers: Martin Wood
Released: 1999
Duration: 1h 30min
Video type: Movie
Bill, a high school student and avid horror movie fan, witnesses a UFO flying over his town. When the ship lands the next day, Bill and a team from SETI discover that the alien is a strange vampire creature who wants to cast the Earth into darkness so that he and his people can colonize it for themselves. Will Bill and the others be able to keep the Sun shining?


Cast overview, first billed only:
Robin Dunne Robin Dunne - Bill Swenson
Mac Fyfe Mac Fyfe - Kevin Elliot James (as Mak Fyfe)
James Kee James Kee - Hank
Lindy Booth Lindy Booth - Katie
Jesse Nilsson Jesse Nilsson - Jesse
Richard Clarkin Richard Clarkin - Danvers
Bianca Brad Bianca Brad - Paula
Serban Celea Serban Celea - Jonas
Tatiana Constantin Tatiana Constantin - Mrs. Stenson
Dan Badarau Dan Badarau - Mr. Stenson
Silvia Nastase Silvia Nastase - Mrs. Gibson
Liviu Lucaci Liviu Lucaci - Mike
Cosmin Sofron Cosmin Sofron - Vlathos
Theodor Danetti Theodor Danetti - Clerk
Adi Cuclea Adi Cuclea - Andy

Reviews: [7]

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    This movie's only redeeming factor was the fact that it was on TV for free, and that it probably helped the Romanian economy. Other than that, Hallmark needs to re-evaluate this division of their empire, and maybe keep their movies more oriented towards bizarre love affairs between cancer-stricken hemophiliacs in Mississippi. To go into details about how mindless this movie is would give credit to it for being memorable. It wasn't. I remember the act of watching it, there being vampires (some of them teenage) and some very bad dubbing. Whoever worked on the dubbing track of this movie needs to be relocated to another sector of society...maybe food service, to the deaf. If you have the opportunity, watch this movie, just because it makes so many other really bad movies seem Oscar-worthy in retrospect. Then again, if you actually ended up at this movie's profile, I imagine that it may be too late...
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    This is one of the worst movies I've seen in my life. If you're looking for a nice theatrical effect, skip it and watch something else.

    But if you're looking for camp-value, this is it. Here's my advice: Gather a few sarcastic friends and watch the movie strictly for the purpose of making fun of it.
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    I stumbled upon "Teenage Space Vampires" on Netflix, and with a title such as this, I had to sit down and watch it, of course. And yeah, I knew that this was most likely going to be a stinker. But I still watched it on the odd chance that it might actually turn out to be a campy gem.

    It wasn't!

    This movie was horrible. The storyline was laughable at best, and there were so many things throughout the course of the movie that made little or no coherent sense at all. Sure, I wasn't expecting a thespian story here, but come on, this was just insulting to the audience.

    The cast in the movie was actually adequate, just a shame that they had such an atrocious script and plot to work with. So the storyline served as an inhibitor around the ankles of the performers, effectively holding them back in a less than mediocre gutter.

    The special effects in the movie were not even remotely great, taking into consideration that the movie was made in 1999. The special effects were mediocre and the make-up on the creatures was on one hand alright, but on the other hand horrible. The part where it was alright is that it looked interesting enough. The bad aspect to it was the fact that they opted to only put the make-up on the faces of the performers, leaving the rest of the body untouched by similar make-up and prosthetic. That was just laughable.

    I dozed off once during the movie, because it was such a prolonged movie with a storyline that had next to no appeal at all. I did manage to endure the movie to the very end, and I can in all honesty say that I will never return to watch "Teenage Space Vampires" a second time.
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    Lost Python

    Spoilers herein.

    I make a hobby of folded films. That's where the form and the content overlap in some interesting way. The story in this case is a simple twist on the vampire story: vampires triggered by alien influences pretending to be American small towners.

    The movie itself comes to us from Romania, purported origin of the story. (The film was coproduced by Canadian and Romanian interests.) It does an odd job of pretending to be American Small towners with an eastern European cast and a smattering of Canadians. Some voices are dubbed, and many have the accent usually invested in Dracula himself. The alien monster is as alien to Romania as the fictional Dracula is to London, where these things are usually set.

    I came to this because I am interested in Canadian fantasy and independently redheaded actresses. The redhead in this case was Lindy Booth, who appears as the blond head cheerleader, dating the soccer captain. Who knows what she really is, but in later projects she is red. I think she was made blond here.

    Of all film genres, vampire movies exploit redheads the most clearly. That makes it interesting that this one has neither the three brides, nor any redhead unless you count the thirty seconds Mihaela Munteanu is on screen.

    The production design was the worst part except for the spaceship. The design of the exterior on the ground was pretty interesting. More organic than anything else in the movie.

    Ted's Evaluation -- 1 of 3: You can find something better to do with this part of your life.
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    This is a movie that was probably made to entertain the middle school, early high school age kids. Maybe to them it's funny, they may possibly even see something scary in it. To me, the acting is poor, and plot is poor, there's just not much value at all for the adult viewer. I saw this film as weak and boring. At times there was the possibility that the movie could become interesting but it never really materialized. The creatures look pretty good but after seeing them for a few seconds, they don't seem to have any substance other than the look. At times I wasn't sure if the movie was trying to make another attempt at comedy or was it just another attempt at horror that failed again. This movie just wasn't good for me.
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    More straight to video trash from Full Moon Pictures and Charles Band's 1990s Romanian empire, renowned for putting out cheap and cheerful horror and children's films in equal measure. This is one of the latter, a kid's adventure story in which the usual nerdish hero spots a UFO hovering over his town. A full-on alien invasion subsequently follows, albeit one done on a very low budget with an almost entire lack of realism. The acting is poor and the effects equally so, aside from a cool moving gargoyle which I liked the look of. This production is interminable when it should be exciting, the kind of thing that quickly outstays its welcome. And that's from someone who likes some of Full Moon's output. I put it on par with a Christopher Ecclestone-era episode of DR WHO.
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    This movie is simply and purely an hour and a half too long. The only thing that saved this movie from being a total bomb was Devin Crannell and Lindy Booth. They were extremely talented, but some bits were a little bit more of an improvisation. The movie is really bad so unless you want to kill 90 minutes on a day when there's NOTHING (can't stress that enough) to do, I would watch it.