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In Love and War (2001) HD online

In Love and War (2001) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / Romance / War
Original Title: In Love and War
Director: John Kent Harrison
Writers: Eric Newby,John Mortimer
Released: 2001
Duration: 1h 30min
Video type: Movie
After being released from an Italian prison, British officer Eric Newby (Blue) must find his way out of Italy before the Germans come. However, he is injured on the way and is left behind from his fellow soldiers. He is helped out by the local Italians, and he meets Wanda (Bobulova), a beautiful local girl who helps him learn Italian so that he can escape. Their friendship slowly blossoms into quite a strong and close genuine romance. But with the Germans looking for Eric, they are kept apart from one another, not knowing what will happen to them.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Callum Blue Callum Blue - Eric Newby
Barbora Bobulova Barbora Bobulova - Wanda
Peter Bowles Peter Bowles - Melville
Nick Reding Nick Reding - James
John Warnaby John Warnaby - Feathers
Toby Jones Toby Jones - Bolo
Robert Weatherby Robert Weatherby - Butler
Nicholas Gallagher Nicholas Gallagher - Duffy
Mark Whiteley Mark Whiteley - Bob
Maurizio Donadoni Maurizio Donadoni - Vincenzo
Rosa Pianeta Rosa Pianeta - Rosa
Bianca Nappi Bianca Nappi - Dolores
Emanuela Macchniz Emanuela Macchniz - Bianca
Silvia De Santis Silvia De Santis - Valeria
Roberto Nobile Roberto Nobile - Wanda's Father

Reviews: [10]

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    Based on Eric Newby's autobiographical story of his wartime experiences in Italy, 'In Love and War' is a tale of how a young English soldier meets and falls in love with a lovely young Italian woman, Wanda, in a small Italian town in the Apennines.

    The movie is a wonderful evocation of life in the Italian mountains at a time of huge social upheaval, when Italy abandoned the war against the Allies and the German moved in to take over. Eric becomes a prisoner of war, is injured yet escapes, then is recaptured again.

    Wanda is the kind of woman that would make every red-blooded male move to Italy, and Eric is the kind of man every woman would fall for. And of course there's a tearful and joyous ending. Best of all, it's a true story!
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    "In Love and War" is a simple feel-good TV-film, and should be viewed as such.

    (Possible spoiler)

    It is the story of a WWII British soldier, Newby, captured with his commando by the Italians and imprisoned in a former orphanage. As the Italians surrender to the Allies, the commando is freed, and attempts to flee. However, the Germans arrive and the commando is captured again. Only Newby, injured, remains at large. The rest of the film recounts how he is hidden and protected by the Partisans, and his survival.

    (End of spoiler)

    Based on a true story, "In Love and War" is a refreshingly straightforward film. Half comedy, half romance, the story is simple and unambiguous. The 'atmosfera' is warm and sunny, and the various stereotypes (the desperately unorganized or romantic Italians, the serious stern-looking Germans and the phlegmatic and pragmatic British), although unoriginal, are still humorous. Nicola Piovani's musical score also adds to the Mediterranean flavour.

    Although it is far from being a "Tea With Mussolini" or a "La Vita E Bella", "In Love and War" is a sweet simple film that will put a smile, and maybe even a little tan, on your face.
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    I happened across this presentation quite by accident and was pleasantly surprised. The story, set in wartime, is sweet and romantic and made even more interesting because it is true. The young British actor who played Eric Newby really impressed me...he has leading man potential and I hope to see more of him. Tall, lanky and angular with an expressive, wide-eyed, boyish appeal, he was convincing in both the comic moments, the romantic scenes, and the tenser escape scenes. He plays a British soldier, escaped from a POW camp in Italy. His escape is hampered by a foot injury. While his injury is healing, with the help of the local villagers, he hides from the Nazis, learns some Italian phrases (these scenes were particularly amusing) and falls in love. The movie will eventually be offered by Hallmark as part of their video collection.
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    Based on the true story of a British soldier who must be left behind after being injured as the Nazis approach, he wanders throughout Italy trying in vain to make his way back to Allied forces, his country, whereever, and meets a young Italian girl who translates for him. The surprises at every turn when he seems to encounter fear of Nazis and instead it is humanity is a driving force in this film. The disdain for the Axis powers is found at every turn. Expect to see a small scene of a nun facing off against the Nazis. The nun will win, by the way. Escapes abound in this movie as well.

    The only recognizeable face is the British fellow who appears in English shows like 'Rumpole of the Bailey' and 'To The Manor Born'.

    Callum Blue as Eric Newby has everything Hugh Grant does, without the wimpiness or scandal. The Italian country side is also an outstanding supporting player in this film. I was used to grape vineyards and Godfather scenery in Italy. While still being the country, it was nice to not see bad tempered stereotypes. And the slow, sad musical score that creeps in will be perfect to make the dear woman beside you reach for her Kleenex.
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    When a serious war diary is brought to the screen, the adaptation requires serious attention to character development through dialogue and acting. The plot is, for the most part, given. In "In Love and War," John Mortimer does the adapting. He is a genius at comedy writing, especially through his "Rumpole of the Bailey" stories. In this latest work, the story is very entertaining, but it misses through unrealistic dialogue and inadequate character development through the acting.
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    'In love and war' is truly an amazing effort to exhibit the troubles of a British soldier who is left behind as he is injured while all others try to reach borders but are captured by Germans as prisoners of war in Italy. The humanity shown by the Italians against the Germans in favor of the British Soldier(Callum Blue) is heart touching. The chemistry and sincere love that he shares with the Italian girl who initially helps him in translation adds quite a spark to the whole theme. Its a beautiful movie that involves love and thrill with all the hope and purity. The pace and the setting is all justified and the fact that its a true story makes it an even enchanting experience. I recommend it to all those who find story based movies interesting. Hats off to the whole team !!
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    If you're talking about a wonderful true love story, that's fine... except Wanda is Slovenian, not Italian - get it right people, else never repeat your confusion to a Slovenian. :) Even readers of the book seem to skim over this fact:

    (meanwhile, read the book it's much better)

    "A tender and enormously inspiring little book about his experiences in Italy during World War 2, this is Eric Newby reflecting on his loss of innocence, twenty-eight years after the event. Newby would leave soldiering behind and go on to become a first-rate travel writer, a man capable of portraying passion, excitement and mystery in a calmly sophisticated prose style. In "Love and War in the Apennines" we get a mature account of his Italian exploits rather than a contemporary journal or diary. Newby makes no apologies for transforming his memories into a seemingly seamless narrative. He delivers an enriching and thrilling account of his experiences: life is experienced as a continuum, not as edited highlights, and life in the face of danger, in prison, or on the run from recapture is one long stream of conscious awareness of what might happen next day or next moment.

    Newby was captured after an abortive attempt to play a rather amateurish 'special forces' role and blow up German bombers on a coastal airfield in Italy. He describes himself as a failed soldier, and the lack of planning, blundering ineptitude of the exercise, and the humiliation of capture still, evidently rankled twenty years later.

    His captivity by the Italians would not last - Mussolini was deposed shortly after his incarceration and he was liberated before the Germans could take over his prison. There then followed a period of evading recapture, dependent on the good will and courage of the locals. The war is the backcloth against which this tale is told, but its subject is liberty, the freedom of people to maintain their humanity and their cultural integrity, and ... of course ... love.

    Newby fell in love with the Italian girl with whom he shared an exchange of language - she taught him Italian, he taught her English. It's a sweet, almost coy observation of the emergence of a burning love. It's also an evocation of the way of life of the people who sheltered him and the emergence of his love for the simple honesty of their peasant economy and lifestyle. This, you imagine, is where Newby learnt his compassion and his willingness to understand other people.

    This is a delightful commentary on war from the perspective of a man who sees nothing he does as heroic, but who sees heroism in everyone around him. It's also a useful corrective to fictional accounts of what it's like to be a prisoner of war - . A very human, humble, yet passionate work which will thoroughly entertain." - IMDb
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    I loved this movie - the actors were wonderful and suited their roles. The story itself was great (and true, the setting was perfect and the message about human response to the war, danger and risk was exceptional. The person who wrote the music score also did the music for Life is Beautiful (another favourite of mine)- his comment was apparently that "...this was not a like an English movie, it was like an Italian movie." I think he's right! Callum Blue is perfect for the part of Eric Newby. I recommend this movie to everyone who wants to watch a story that is true and morally uplifting as well as a beautiful love story.
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    I have just watched this movie for the first time today, and just loved it...

    Yes it is simple in it's storyline, the sweetest love story,and how any female could not fall in love with Callum Blue beats me...

    The scenery in Italy was as you would expect, Beautiful, the baddies lost in the end,and for the two lovebirds to be reunited at the end, was wonderful, but that scene where a certain Italian was sweeping away the confetti after Eric and Wanda's Wedding, perfection!.

    Have a cup of tea and watch a fantastic movie, yes, better have a tissue ready and be enthralled, I know I was and hope to get it on DVD real soon. All the actors played their parts perfectly, this was a WW2 film you could believe in as it was so realistic, and without going over the top as in other films...
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    Filmed entirely in Italy, this true World War II drama about an English prisoner-of-war is superb. Everything about this film is brilliant; more importantly, it's a testament to the indomitable will of the human spirit.