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Zwölf Schwedinnen in Afrika (1981) HD online

Zwölf Schwedinnen in Afrika (1981) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Crime
Original Title: Belles, blondes et bronzées
Director: Max Pécas
Writers: Carlos Aured,Gérard Croce
Released: 1981
Duration: 1h 30min
Video type: Movie
Mistaken for bank robbers, two friends stumble into a group of beautiful girls and follow them to Morocco for a dance show.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Philippe Klébert Philippe Klébert - Alain
Xavier Deluc Xavier Deluc - Marc (as Xavier Lepetit)
Silvia Aguilar Silvia Aguilar - Maryse
Corinne Brodbeck Corinne Brodbeck - Michèle
Michel Vocoret Michel Vocoret - Le balafré
Daniel Derval Daniel Derval - Norbert
Ticky Holgado Ticky Holgado - Gus (as Tiky)
Otto Retzer Otto Retzer - Marco
Olivia Dutron Olivia Dutron - Une miss
Margo Verdoorn Margo Verdoorn - Une miss
Sophie-Amanda Sophie-Amanda - Une miss
Rachel Piétré Rachel Piétré - Une miss
Beatriz Escudero Beatriz Escudero - Une miss
Andrea Guzon Andrea Guzon - Une miss
Vanessa Vaylord Vanessa Vaylord - Une miss

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    This French "Bronzées" T&A film, a popular genre at the time, is one of the most memorable. Is it great art? No it's not but the goofy (and sexy) story sorta works regardless. It's one of those guilty pleasures you watch any time it's on TV. The story is secondary (something about two buddies who are mistakenly given loads of stolen money and the thieves trying to regain their loot). These kind of films were excuses to show gratuitous nudity: boatloads of shapely girls in bikinis, usually topless, as only the French can get away with and the men, equally wearing skimpy swimsuits or disrobing on a whim, chasing after the girls.

    Funny scenes: when the duo are talking on he phone with their boss and following instructions; the newspaper bit at the pool side and the subsequent burning of newspaper in the desert and the two pretending it's cold to the suspicious police. The cast includes Daniel Derval as the flamboyant "folle". Derval made a career playing the same role in several films.