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Rauchende Colts Pa Hack's Brood (1955–1975) HD online

Rauchende Colts Pa Hack's Brood (1955–1975) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Western
Original Title: Pa Hacku0027s Brood
Director: Jerry Hopper
Writers: Paul Savage
Released: 1955–1975
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Episode
Itinerant and shiftless Pa Hack is the worthless father of three grown, ragged children. He bullies his two sons into stealing for their meager pot. When he stops by the Willis farm to beg some flour and coffee to supplement the chickens one of his boys stole, Pa Hack covets the Willis land and decides to use his ragged daughter as bait for the owner's son in order to get himself a piece of that land. Trouble is, the Willises have taken in a young woman who may get in the way. As he salivates over the land he's come to see as his by right, Pa Hack doesn't hesitate to use violence to get what he wants.
Episode cast overview:
James Arness James Arness - Matt Dillon
Milburn Stone Milburn Stone - Doc
Amanda Blake Amanda Blake - Kitty
Burt Reynolds Burt Reynolds - Quint
Milton Selzer Milton Selzer - Pa Hack
Lynn Loring Lynn Loring - Maybelle Hack
Marianna Hill Marianna Hill - Annie McGovern
George Lindsey George Lindsey - Orville Hack
James Hampton James Hampton - Jeb Willis (as Jim Hampton)
Russell Thorson Russell Thorson - Pa Willis
Charles Kuenstle Charles Kuenstle - Lonnie Hack
James Nusser James Nusser - Louie Pheeters

Gunsmoke: Pa Hack's Brood (1963) was the 318th and middle episode of Gunsmoke (1955)'s 20 seasons & 635 episodes. The longtime series beginner, _"Gunsmoke" (1955) {Matt Gets It (#1.1)_, was 317 episodes before and Gunsmoke: The Sharecroppers (1975) the series conclusion, was 317 episodes after.

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    "Pa Hack's Brood" recycles some of the favorite themes of "Gunsmoke" writers of the early 1960s that were aired in the preceding two seasons: grown men cowed into submission by their fathers ("The Boys," "Harpe's Blood," and others) and shiftless folk who think the easy path to land and riches is to kidnap the unsuspecting prospect and force the person into marriage ("Root Down," "Phoebe Strunk," "Marry Me"). This episode combines the two plots with only so-so results. The final scene of the episode rings false (I was minded of the old line that the person would be likely to last as long as a cockroach in a hen house) and a significant element of the plot is left dangling. Still, I found the episode worthwhile because I was able to see George Lindsey, familiar to most watchers of old television as Goober in the "Andy Griffith Show," in a dramatic role. He's under-appreciated in such roles. To see him in a really chilling role, about as unlike Goober as one could imagine, catch him in the "Alfred Hitchcock Hour"'s "Bed of Roses."
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    After some good shows in this season, this episode was lacking in more ways than one. There was so many problems with the script and acting that it never gain any interest.

    The main character was a man named Pa Hacker that was as nasty and lazy as any father had the right. He had three children in the name of Maybelle, Lonnie and Orville and they were just as bad as their father. Anyway Pa Hacker comes up on a farm house that is occupied by Mr Willis and his son Jeb. They have just taken in another young girl named Annie Montgomery after her mother passed away. It just so happens that Pa Hacker wants Jeb to marry Maybelle and he needs to get Annie out of the way. So he sends his son, Lonnie, to the Willis house to kidnap Annie.

    Marshal Dillon is visiting and when Lonnie grabs Annie shots ring out. Lonnie has killed Mr Willis and Matt killed Lonnie. Marshal takes Lonnie's body back to Pa hacker and tells them to leave the area. Orville gets the heck out but Pa and Maybelle stay behind.

    Later Pa Hacker returns to the Willis's farm with intentions of making Jeb marry Maybelle. But things happen that may ruin the plan.

    This was not an interesting story. For whatever reason the story was weak and the actors suffered. With many good shows in this season it was bound to have a clunker in one of them.