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I'm Through with White Girls (The Inevitable Undoing of Jay Brooks) (2007) HD online

I'm Through with White Girls (The Inevitable Undoing of Jay Brooks) (2007) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Romance
Original Title: Iu0027m Through with White Girls (The Inevitable Undoing of Jay Brooks)
Director: Jennifer Sharp
Writers: Courtney Lilly
Released: 2007
Duration: 1h 33min
Video type: Movie
Jay Brooks is that black guy who digs indie rock, graphic novels, and dates white chicks. After a slew of bad break-ups, Jay gives up white women, "cold turkey," and he goes on a mission: "Operation Brown Sugar". But because Jay doesn't fit the "brotha" stereotype, he fails miserably with the "sistahs." Then he meets the dynamic Catherine, a misunderstood "Half-rican Canadian", who's as righteously quirky as he is. To win her heart, Jay must confront his fears as he realizes commitment is a bigger issue than race.


Credited cast:
Anthony Montgomery Anthony Montgomery - Jay Brooks
Ryan Alosio Ryan Alosio - Matt McKenzie
Lia Johnson Lia Johnson - Catherine Williamson
Lamman Rucker Lamman Rucker - Drake Moore
Kellee Stewart Kellee Stewart - J.C. Evans
Lisa Brenner Lisa Brenner - Molly
Johnny Brown Johnny Brown - Sam Moore
Esther Scott Esther Scott - Hester
Richard Lawson Richard Lawson - James Evans
Ann Weldon Ann Weldon - Julie Evans
Alaina Reed-Hall Alaina Reed-Hall - Jerri Moore
Lynn Chen Lynn Chen - Candace
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Sekou Andrews Sekou Andrews - Cousin #2
Gabrielle Castellini Gabrielle Castellini - Cindy
Cassandra Creech Cassandra Creech - Tamiko

The song; Bret Levick, Robert Anthony Navarro, Sven Hauke Spieker - Sun Licker was originally used for the first trailer. It later got removed without being credited or any reasons given as to why, online many people have looked for it without finding it - here is the credit for the track that starts 1:42 into the original trailer.

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    I saw this last night, with a packed house at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, as part of the Roxbury film festival. I can't remember the last time I went to the movies and missed some of the dialogue because the audience was laughing so hard.

    The lead actors are both terrific, with a strong chemistry between them. Lia Johnson, as the lead, was especially noteworthy. I hope we'll see her in a lot more films. (She was co-producer, too.) What a relief to see a romantic comedy that deals with race that doesn't have to drop down into base stupidity or stereotypes. (Not that the characters don't sometimes do stupid things.)

    It's interesting to see conscious references to Spike Lee's, She's Gotta Have It. (I remember seeing that at a festival when it first came out.) First-time director Jennifer Sharp doesn't have Spike's sense of innovation or visual style, but she does provide the film strong visuals and a fast pace.

    The story is somewhat reminiscent of High Fidelity (slacker guy has a phobia of commitment), but in a good way (lots of scenes in a record story helps, too). But here we have race as the excuse that he's been using for his lack of commitment. Jay dates a long string of white women, yet always breaks up with them (by note), when it gets too serious, writing that maybe the world isn't ready for a relationship like theirs. Interestingly, though, the movie isn't about Jay trying to get in touch with his "true blackness" or about how white women really are horrible and now that he's looking for a black woman, he'll truly find happiness. Instead, it's really about him having to learn to grow up and allow himself to commit to the right woman. The woman he finds, Katherine, is awfully amazing (bestselling novelist, very smart) but with enough quirks to make her seem fully human, as well.

    It's awfully tough for black films to get theatrical distribution, but this is one that's smart, that lots of people can relate to. I hope it makes it.
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    I had the privilege of catching one of the first screenings of this HI-larious film at this year's WorldFest Houston Film Festival. It is laugh-out-loud funny throughout, which is all the more remarkable because, though produced independently, the movie has all the comic appeal of a fresh studio film. The cast is fantastic, and one wonders why each actor (though they work often) is not more well-known already -- perhaps they will be after this takes off. I particularly liked the GARDEN STATE-esquire time lapse sequences (smartly & beautifully done), Mr. Lamman Rucker (mm-mm-goodlooking, ladies) and the Kellee Stewart scene right before the wedding. :) If you have the opportunity to see this movie, don't miss it.
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    I saw this film at the 'Africa in the picture-festival' at the Filmhuis The Hague. I had not heard or read any review about this movie, but based on the plot synopsis I expected a politically correct flick. First of all, this is a very clever and funny movie, with likable characters. Actually it's one of the best comedies I've seen in years. Its fresh originality reminded me of earlier Spike Lee movies like 'She's Gotta Have It'. Unlike Spike Lee, Director Jennifer Sharp keeps the tone light all the time. This is no a criticism, she obviously intended the movie not to be too dogmatic. Probably the most rebellious thing about the movie is the excessive smoking of the main characters; I'm sure this is intended as a sneer to all that non-smoking Hollywood movies you see nowadays. The movie deals with stereotypes of all sorts, but in essence this movie is more about fear of commitment than about race. I've seen many new faces in this movie and all the actors perform very natural. Anthony Montgomery is brilliant, but Ryan Alosio steals the show as his best friend who is bluffing his way into rap in order to get a job at a record store to get close to a girl he fancies.
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    Why 9 out of 10? Because we don't see enough depictions of Black men like this in the movies. This movie won't win any awards, Jay is a nerd and goofy, but this is a really cool movie. I am so tired of all the romantic comedy movies going to the same "Adonis" white guy or the same goof-ball comedic white guy. Black men are more complex than all the ghetto-bangin' bull that we always get on screen. There were no guns, no woman got called, "bitch" and no scenes of police arrests. Yes, this movie is entertaining and worth giving a view. The title is more of a commentary on the "misfit" Black guy who is really good at the core, but just lost in the shuffle of stereotypes that seek to define him without giving him the benefit of the doubt. Stereotypes that he feels that he must maintain in order to have a sense of his own Blackness. In the end he has to decide whether to cross that chasm and go for something true or stay stuck in his own comfortable adolescent musings. Give this movie a try and leave your preconceptions at the door.
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    I saw I'm Through With White Girls last night, and liked it a whole lot. And I had absurdly high expectations, too; so for me to say that means something, since whenever I head into an encounter with art possessing absurdly high expectations, I usually come away disappointed. Not this time.

    I'd say this is easily the purest, most self-consciously post-soul film I've ever seen (I would say "ever made" instead of "ever seen," but obviously there could be another one out there). Actually, I'd have to put Afro-Punk right up there with it, except that the latter is a documentary, and this is an absolutely delightful romantic comedy.

    It's got all the PSA aspects one could want: non-traditional representations of blackness in conflict with---and in connection with---traditional representations of blackness; social class issues; the way cultural blackness plays out among white characters, particularly white men (and the great thing about it is that these black-culture-influenced white characters never descend into caricature, as do, sadly, the working class black characters); the tension between stereotypical black behaviors and individuality (and that tension plays out on both white and black cultural planes, of course); bi-raciality and the question of blackness (not only is the female lead bi-racial, she's not even a native of the United States). Oh, there's all sorts of great, symbolic, contextual stuff in the mix.

    But the wonderful thing is that the film stands on its own as a plot-driven romantic comedy that skillfully moves along the boy-meets-girl, boy-loses-girl, boy-regains-girl, happy-ending format. (I get impatient, quite frankly, with people who get impatient with the romantic comedy format---to me, that just means [1] that person just doesn't like romantic comedies---because the format is what it is, or [2] that person doesn't realize that the romantic comedy form is just another form, and it's what you do with it, how funny it is, how the pacing works, what it tells you, culturally, about the world the characters inhabit, that informs how well or poorly one deals with that form.) In any case, I thought it was a successful film on the PSA level, for sure, but also on the pure filmic level, as well.

    I liked, as well, the persistent references to Paul Beatty's novel The White Boy Shuffle: [1] there is a moment in the film when the specific words "the white boy shuffle" come out of the male lead's mouth; [2] when the female lead is reading from her novel at a bookstore, you can jusssst barely hear her describe HER male lead as being named "Gunnar," echoing Beatty's hero's first name; and [3] one of the running gags throughout the film is that Jay Brooks can't dance!---yet another Gunnar-esquire gesture. In addition, there's an explicit reference to a memorable scene in Spike Lee's "She's Gotta Have It" that also becomes a running gag. Like I said, the film sure seemed, in more ways than one, a self-conscious post-soul aesthetic document, even if they don't use that term on their website.

    Very, very enjoyable film. The only shame is that it didn't get the theatrical release it deserved. I wish Will Smith had the courage to star in something like this. I thought Anthony Montgomery was great, but with Smith it would have had the eyeballs on it that the film deserved. Woulda had to change that unfortunate title, though, and that would have been all to the good; it's the only thing I didn't like about the movie.
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    I don't usually write comments for movies, I usually just read them. But this one movie I had to put up something for. The best thing about it was that it was unpretentious, the characters were very real - for once we didn't have to put up with an unrealistically gorgeous female, or worse: an average looking guy with a gorgeous girl, as if to say guys can pass up being average looking, but girls can't when it comes to movies. There was not ONE dull moment in this film, it was fast paced and the humor was GREAT. Worked on ALL levels. I'm so proud of it. More people should see this.

    And yes - the title is very stupid, misleading almost. But it was the title that got me watching this.... :)
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    I really don't understand why so many people voted only one star for this movie, although I imagine that it has to do with preconceptions on their part.

    Also, I have to say that when I saw the DVD cover at the video store, I thought that there was a decent chance that the movie would suck, but I gave it a chance anyway. Poor marketing there, as the movie might get more rentals in the video stores if the DVD cover were better at portraying the tone of the film.

    And I guess that's my main issue, because this really is a quite good film, and deserves to be seen by far more people than will actually see it. I'll tell my friends, and word of mouth will get a few more views for the film, but it's not enough. This film deserves to be mainstream. The script is strong, and the characters are human and three dimensional, and the side plot with the two extended families from different classes was hilarious.

    Please tell your friends about this movie.
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    I just saw this film in the theaters last weekend at the Hollywood Black Film Festival where it won best feature. This is no surprise as movie executives were emailing their offices while watching the film in the theater regarding distributing the picture to theaters and DVD. The script is captivatingly funny and you become really drawn into the characters. Lead actress Lia Johnson (who also is a producer on the film) was engaging and stole every scene she was in. I had seen the film prior during earlier cuts and noticed that there is a huge difference seeing it in theaters. The patrons were completely drawn in. For those of you who do not know, it is a romantic comedy about a black man who never dated a black woman and now essentially swears off of white women to see if he truly is color struck. The social commentary is there, but it is fun. Go see it immediately.
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    I saw this film at the Roxbury Film Festival in Boston...when you go to film festivals, you never know what you're going to get, but I was pleasantly surprised. This was one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time. Its a romantic comedy that truly delivers. The acting was fabulous and the comic timing was outstanding.

    The storyline has all the things you like about Hollywood films (fun, good editing, quality production) and all the things you like about independent films (fresh, good directing, a twist on the ordinary formulas). It has a multi-ethnic cast, but isn't really a "race" movie. Don't let the title lead you astray! You'll fall in love with all the characters and laugh out loud.

    See this movie!
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    I couldn't get past the title - if this film were named "I am Through with Black Girls" it would have been labeled racist and never shown. Why does the back community continue to downgrade itself by accepting this kind of rubbish? It is humiliating and racist. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for spending money to produce and actually filming this and those that have raved about it are disgusting. This is not "black pride" this is proving that the whites are right - we are not good enough. What, exactly, is the difference between this and "Little Black Sambo"? I am truly disgusted and ashamed to be a black woman.
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    "I'm through with..." is a pleasantly surprising comedy about a black guy who had only had too many relationships with white girls that always ended with him leaving in a clandestine rush. He thinks it's not his fault and that probably the reason why it didn't work out is they're white. So he decides to try something with a black woman and so the story of this "black" comedy really starts going...

    What makes this film good is perhaps not so much the plot itself but the way some scenes are dealing with life. The main characters seem authentic (good casting. L. Johnson is magnificent) and the screenplay is well written: situations feel right, it's funny and you don't get this "seen before" feeling again and again. Besides "I'm through..." doesn't focus too much on the typical comedy structure too intensively - only during the last act it is turning more and more to this typical way of storytelling. This part may not be as creative as the rest though still nice.

    Summing up "I'm through with..." would have many basic ingredients it would take for a hit but I guess due to the story and the more than risky title it will be tough to find the audience. Perhaps that is why the producers didn't spend much money to promote it. However if you're in the mood for comedy, give it a shot...
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    THie is a great little low budget film.

    I read through the reviews and agreed with most that this is a good wee flick about love, commitment and stupidity.

    The thing I can not understand is the reviews that endlessly fixate on race? Especially the perceived idea that this film is racist.

    At no point does the film indulge in racial stereotyping of either blacks or whites.

    I think it is safe to say that those who FIXATED on race when reviewing this film are those who fixate upon race in any given situation Incidentally, I loved the cigarette holder.
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    I saw this at the Houston World Fest. It was very very funny. I loved every moment of it. It was my favorite film at the festival. The casting and acting were terrific. I loved the script and the direction was perfect. I love movies that feel alive and spontaneous, that move with a perfect choreography. And that's what this film did for me.

    The perfect place to see this film is on the big screen and I truly hope it gets its chance. The audience who attended the screening with me were very vocal in their enjoyment and enthusiasm for the film. Huge applause and an active Q&A. I left the theater feeling very good.

    I thought the romantic relationship between the leads had a lot of heat. I am very fond of romantic comedies and believed these characters. I rooted for the romance and felt their pain, which is what I'm supposed to do in a good romantic comedy. I also enjoyed the subplot with the white roommate becoming an expert at Hip Hop.
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    I originally saw this film at the Black film festival in Martha's Vineyard. I loved it write from the get-go. It's a great love story chronicling Jay Brooks' love lives and this quest he puts himself on. It The acting acting is terrific and the production values are excellent. The characters are engaging- some very abstract and others stereotyped for specific effects- and the way they all mesh together and the ending itself are superb. I truly loved every moment of this movie.

    However do not be deceived by the title. It is not some big racial slur, joking about black men and white women. It actually reveals that race is is a superficial element that is often overly stressed in relationships and that the issue (at least with Brooks) is commitment.

    I only just am reviewing it not because it came up in a conversation earlier today, but if you every have an opportunity see this movie do so. I highly recommend it.
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    This movie throws in a few "white" thinkers but for most of the movie you are spent hearing about "black" centered logic and why it is different instead of being proud in being different. Valley girl references, "totally overrated" comments, NYT indifference (because, well maybe, it is white). This movie is wrong because it is color based (how many tired of black girls movies do you buy tickets for?).

    There are a lot of white men tired of black woman. There are a lot of white women tired of black men. There are a lot of black women tired of black men and apparently there are a lot of black men tired of white women. There are a lot of black women tired of black men. There are a lot of black men tired of black women. I am not tired because my color does not wear me like it does for so many.

    In the future, this will be cringe worthy but a sign of the embarrassing times. The plight of color in America needs to change and for black Americans to not join in with the guilt of white Americans handing on their blame game is perpetuating the problem. When you think only a color can understand you, I think you are missing the funny between both of us and the fact that white and black are colors.
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    This film hit my radar when it was casting in '05. For the record, there was considerable discussion about the title for obvious reasons. I'm glad the filmmakers returned to the original title and did not shrink to silly PC conformities. Truth be told, there are worse titles out there.

    Now on to this delightful film ITWWG which delivers on so many levels exactly what audiences have said they are hungry for... story, performance, characters you can get into. The beauty of the film is it's original approach to a comedic love story with black characters in leading roles.

    Courtney Lilly, Jennifer Sharp (first-time feature director), Lia Johnson (actor/producer), Anthony Montgomery (whose work I was unfamiliar with prior) and a cast of 70s/80s popular throw-backs like Johnny Brown, Richard Lawson, Alaina Reed Hall - to name a few - collaborate brilliantly along with the other fantastic cast members in this fresh laugh-out-loud romp to romance. Somebody's clearly got a sense of humor that's actually smart and funny (um, Hollywood, take note).

    You won't get any spoilers here but rather an emphatic recommendation to SEE THIS FILM. I will offer that the on-screen chemistry between Johnson and Montgomery is about as warm and sexy and quirky as anything I've seen. This film has steadily and deservedly been building it's name and audience through the festival circuit and limited release in selected markets. Fortunately, it's about to be released on DVD.

    Looking for a movie that skips the re-hash and clichés then you'll want to move I'm Through with White Girls to the top of your queue whatever your venue. I've seen it several times now and the jokes hold up every time. Get some friends together, check it out, you'll be glad you did.
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    The movie is plainly offensive to both whites and blacks. I found many of the "jokes" to be racist towards white and playing upon stereotypes. The same sort of thing in a "white" movie would draw howls of protest! What amazes me is the fact that there is a paltry number of "review" and the majority of them have glowing praise for this vapid piece of tripe. Frankly, I think the fix is in! I think it is an effort by the "reviewers" to puff up another lame black "comedy".

    For me, the only thing that was missing was the black guy in a fat woman suit.

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    "This should be considered an all around racist movie. It bet if this movie was made in reverse , it would definitely be controversial. We live in such a double standard society & world. It's okay to make fun of white girls & white guys , but if white people did it , then it's racial or racist to do so. It's not right that whites get persecuted for being racist , but nobody else. Maybe the people who made this movie got away with making it & nobody saying anything about because white people are more relaxed about people being racist towards them. This is why I stay home & let everyone else keep this world. It's a bias slanted double standard world we live in. If this movie was titled "I'm Through With Black Girls " Revered Al Sharpton would be all over this movie protesting it's release in all movie theater locations. For real. I don't know why movie makers get a free pass to make a movie like this , but if it were in reverse , it would be racially bias & politically incorrect for this movie to be made. I'm not racist to any color , creed or national origin , but even if I was , which I never would be , ever , I would never make a movie like this without someone understandably thinking I was racist. Racism is a double standard in this world. It's wrong. Racism is 100% at all angles wrong by anyone."
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    Racist rubbish. It portrays white girls in a very negative way. It's very sad that these sort of films are allowed.

    If the title was " I'm Through With Black Girls" and portrayed them in a negative way then all hell would break loose. In actual fact, it wouldn't have been made.

    It's becoming apparent recently that it's OK for good ole "whitey" to be the butt of jokes or typecast as being not as cool or good as other races.

    Keep smiling white people cause it's acceptable for racist abuse to be used on us!
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    I saw this one at the Roxbury Film Festival and it brought down the house. Many moments of warm, engaging comedy (Jay Brooks dancing is priceless.) But underneath its typical romcom plot line (hapless male hero, has issues with commitment, meets the girl who may change everything, but is it too late?) is smart and incisive commentary on gender, aging and ambition, with a hint of race relations for flavor.

    On a side note, Lia Johnson is incredibly sexy and charming as the main female lead. I don't know many actresses who could put neon yarn in her hair without seeming like a self-conscious teenager or a vagrant, but she pulls it off with panache. Hopefully we'll see more of this lovely actress in the future!
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    Lonesome Orange Kid

    This title is incredibly racist. I cannot believe that movies like this are allowed to be made. Imagine a movie all about the perils of dating black men.OH NO BUT THAT WOULD BE RACIST, WOULDN'T IT?It's incredibly sad that as a society we're unable to get over the whole race issue. We try and teach our children to look beyond a persons skin color, but movies like this continue to surface. How can a child ignore race when it is thrust in their faces everywhere, even at the movies. The title alone is unacceptable, and no amount of moral learned is an excuse to have that as a title. Might as well change the movie to "I'm a Huge Racist"
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    I just don't understand all the good reviews above.

    I read the other comments and decided to watch this movie and the only thing I can say is: "I wish you could get a refund on time you had to waste on bad movies".

    I really hated this movie and can not remember the last time I didn't finish a movie. I REALLY tried, but after about 45 minutes I started to fast-forward.

    This is supposed to be a comedy??? about relationships. But the story is lame and the jokes are predictable. Save your time and money and DO NOT watch this movie.
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    This movie is totally one of a kind. As for myself, I tried to "be done with white girls" after a bad relationship with a beautiful Russian girl that was crazy about me at first. After 8 months it really went down hill. I said to myself "I'm done with white women this time for real." Needless to say, I just couldn't do it. Remember that movie "Ali" when the trainer, being played by Jamie Fox said "I gave up pork and I gave up alcohol, but them white women O' Lord!" Well basically this is what happened. I vowed with all sincerity to be totally dedicated to brown sugar but... Dang! Them white women, O' Lord! Somebody pray for me.
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    Hawk Flying

    Hello All! This is a good movie, I went into the shoppett to get some paper towels and saw this movie in the Just released section. 30Aug2008, Okinawa Japan military base. Its good, thanks for getting something different to us who work overseas! I rented this and I am planning to watch all of the special features. This was really good, the actors were all good looking and the settings looked so real. Entertainment is my biggest thing, I love to see people being creative entertaining themselves and others. I did notice the dates on when this movies was wrote, released, and put into a theater... it's kind of shocking to see how far this picture has come.
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    This movie was terrible. Let me make a movie about "Black men beat white woman" and let the NAACP come rolling with the red carpet to my door. I would be called a racist by many and the movie would be banned but

    for some reason this movie is OK. I am white and believe in human rights but I wish movie company's would stop spreading so much hate.

    Movies like this affect are young people, so think about the younger generation and where we are headed with RACIST movies!!!! We have a so call man looking for love or sex , and from white woman but yet an African American comes across his path. Human beings will will fall in love with whom they choose, not bu by color, wealth or social status. The heart is strong organ and will define your path of loyalty.