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The Bicycle (2013) HD online

The Bicycle (2013) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Adventure / Drama / Romance
Original Title: The Bicycle
Director: Chris McCoy,Adam Neustadter
Writers: Chris McCoy,Adam Neustadter
Released: 2013
Duration: 8min
Video type: Movie
An old, abandoned bicycle learns to love again.
Credited cast:
Timothy A. Bennett Timothy A. Bennett - Homeless Hank
Shawn Christensen Shawn Christensen - Owner
Sarah Heyward Sarah Heyward
Michael C. Hsiung Michael C. Hsiung
Ivy Strohmaier Ivy Strohmaier
Matthew Waterson Matthew Waterson - Narrator

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    A very entertaining allegory told from the perspective of a bicycle. Beautifully executed without any fat or indulgences you see a lot in short films, the theme of rebirth is there from the beginning and explored in a sophisticated way, especially considering when we are comically following the life, death and rebirth of a bicycle. I can't imagine it's easy to tell an engaging story when the main character is an inanimate object with humans in the background, but it's done to great effect here. The voice over, the voice of the bicycle, drives the story forward with eloquence and humor. Choosing a British voice over artist was definitely a funny choice, as the formality of it adds a nice juxtaposition to the sometimes unceremonious events that happen to the bicycle. This, along with the cinematography definitely create a world that's fun to occupy for eight minutes. Good job!