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Apne (2007) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Action / Drama / Sport
Original Title: Apne
Director: Anil Sharma
Writers: Neeraj Pathak,Neeraj Pathak
Released: 2007
Budget: $4,000,000
Duration: 2h 53min
Video type: Movie
An ex-boxer Baldev Choudhary has had a stain in his boxing career. He wanted to wash it with his son Angad's success, but times were hard and a financial crunch kept him from achieving this dream. Though Angad pulled through fine, Baldev never forgot who ruined his chance. An opportunity strikes Baldev in the form of a T.V. Show. He trains a local boy to get into this media hyped boxing show, but is ditched for a better coach at the last minute. Baldev's younger son Karan has just launched his first music album. Realizing his father is in a crises, he gives up his dream of a musical career to get into the game of boxing. Karan works hard and wins all through thinking that his victory will bring the two pillars of his family together. After winning within the nation, he wins all over the world. The final match is with the current world heavy champion.
Credited cast:
Dharmendra Dharmendra - Baldev Singh Choudhary
Sunny Deol Sunny Deol - Angad B. Singh Choudhary
Bobby Deol Bobby Deol - Karan B. Singh Choudhary
Shilpa Shetty Kundra Shilpa Shetty Kundra - Simran A. Choudhary (as Shilpa Shetty)
Katrina Kaif Katrina Kaif - Nandini N. Sarabhai
Kiron Kher Kiron Kher - Raavi B. Choudhary
Victor Banerjee Victor Banerjee - Ahsan Ali
Javed Sheikh Javed Sheikh - Roy
Aryan Vaid Aryan Vaid - Gaurav Ghera
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Sanjeeb Banerjee Sanjeeb Banerjee - Bhullar's Son
Dolly Bindra Dolly Bindra
Jonnie Brown Jonnie Brown - Luca Gracia (as Jonnie Louis Brown)
Parvin Dabas Parvin Dabas - Saket
Kurush Deboo Kurush Deboo - Dr. Niranjan Sarabhai
Divya Dutta Divya Dutta - Pooja B. Singh Choudhary

Dharmendra had played the role of a boxer in the film Main Intequam Loonga (1982). Footage from this film is used as flashback scenes to Baldev's career as a boxer.

Politician Amar Singh makes an appearance in the film as himself.

Jonnie Louis Brown plays the character of boxer Luca Gracia.

Bobby Deol's name in the film is Karan which is the real name of Sunny Deol's son who is known by his pet name Rocky Deol.

The first film where Dharmendra and his sons Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol appear in the same screen together. Dharmendra and Sunny have appeared together previously in Sultanat (1986) and Kshatriya (1993). The Deol brothers have also previously appeared together in Dillagi (1999) and 23rd March 1931: Shaheed (2002).

Ameesha Patel was offered the role of Nandini, but she had to turn it down due to other films that had conflicting shooting schedules.

Three Deol's together for the first time.

A similar boxing competition was used in the film Brother's 2015 titled RTF (Right To Fight).

The last film where Sunny Deol and Shilpa Shetty worked together. It also remains the last film where Shilpa Shetty worked as a lead actress.

This film released on the same date as Aap Kaa Surroor: The Moviee - The Real Luv Story (2007), the acting debut of music director Himesh Reshammiya. Reshammiya also composed the music for this film.

Sunny Deol plays boxer and 17 years earlier he had played boxer in Ghayal 1990.

Aryan Vaid plays a character called Gaurav Ghera which is the name of known television actors in Hindi serial's.

Kiron Kher plays the mother of Sunny Deol. In reality they both are of the same age.

Jaya Pradha was first approached for Kiron Kher's role.

Sushmita Sen was first approached for Shilpa Shetty' s role.

Bobby Deol was upset because he wanted a year to train his body. He was angry that Anil Sharma did not allow him any time and he was unprepared.

Reviews: [23]

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    No two opinions about it. Anil Sharma's latest movie 'Apne' is rich in emotions. The film, marking the coming together of the three Deols on the silver screen for the first time, is the story of familial bonding and conflicts.

    Having seen the film, it is clear why it is the best flick to cast Dharmendra and his two sons (Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol) together. The reason is its story and the three main characters in it. There is no doubt that the three Deols drew a lot from their personal lives into their performances in the film. That is why the emotions and the kinship show on the big screen, too.

    Baldev Choudhary (Dharmendra) once won an Olympic silver medal in boxing. He came very close to realizing his dream of winning the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship. But he was falsely implicated in doping charges and banned from boxing.

    His dream shattered, a disgraced Baldev retires with humiliation and resentment. Now, he hopes that his elder son Angad (Sunny Deol) will fulfill his dream. But Angad doesn't share his father's passion for boxing.

    The relation between Baldev and Angad is strained. Instead of following his father's dream, Angad has his own aspirations from life.

    Baldev's second son Karan (Bobby Deol) is physically incapable of taking up boxing and becomes a musician.

    Things take a turn with Baldev's growing dejection as a boxing coach. This is when Karan, the younger son, is healed and decides to don the boxing gloves to fulfill his father's dream.

    What follows next is the struggle of the two sons to restore their father's lost honour by realizing his dream.

    'Apne' is not so much about boxing as it is about the special bonds between family members. Thankfully, the film doesn't delve into stereotypes. The leading character Baldev has some shades of grey to the extent that he wants to force his will upon his sons only to redeem himself. Then there is Sunny Deol's character that doesn't see eye to eye with his father. In fact, sequences featuring Sunny and Dharmendra are among the best in the film.

    The movie's story develops gradually and as it does so it sucks you in. The boxing matches in the second half are very convincingly shot. However, Sunny Deol's taking on the heavyweight champion (played by Chris Anderson) is a bit hard to digest.

    The film's music by Himesh Reshammiya is strictly okay. The cinematography by Kabir Lal is eye-catching. The film's editor, however, could have been more liberal in his job. The film's duration (a little less than three hours) could ideally be shortened to avoid deeper bumps on the seats of cinema halls.

    Dharmendra is the central force of 'Apne'. Without him the movie would lose its soul. It is both surprising and pleasing to see Dharmendra deliver a powerhouse performance after doing utterly forgettable films like 'Kis Kis Ki Kismat' and 'Hum Kaun Hai'.

    The septuagenarian actor breathes life and fire into his performance. His character's dream, his dejection, his resentment, his endearing charm and his anger is so very believable. Dharmendra proves yet again that he has not lost command over the craft of acting.

    Sunny Deol looks a little aged and worn out for his role in the film. Despite this, he delivers a notable performance. Though for the most part he stays restrained and mellowed, but when his wrath is invoked, the actor gives you goose bumps with his performance.

    Bobby Deol's acting is to the mark. He remains understated and doesn't have as many dialogues in the film as the other Deols.

    The film's heroines Katrina Kaif and Shilpa Shetty have small roles. Kiron Kher is brilliant yet again in a natural performance.

    Director Anil Sharma gets many things right in 'Apne'. Rather than focusing on action, he taps the emotive appeal of the film's story. The result is a film that can leave you with moist eyes.

    My personal opinion worth the movie NOT a typical bollywood love story.

    8.0 / 10.0 Regards
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    First thing first which strike at the beginning of the film is that Dharmendra at the age of 73 looks amazing.

    Story is equally strong as the star cast.Perfact way to bring 3 deols together. A impulsive and ambitious boxer want to fulfill his dream to become first world heavy weight boxing champion form India.When he cant(due to false doping charges) he tries to achieve it by his elder son who finally refuse to box as the game has no importance in the country and one can't feed their family with it. For the sake of family he disappoint his father.The younger son is handicap so he want to box but he can't.

    There are very nice twist and turns in the film. Relationship between Sunny and Dharmendra is excellent. The great point of the film is that here, sons try their best to achieve their father's dream.

    Reason of Sunny to fight at the climax is also convincing and touchy,

    Film is little lengthy and has some unnecessary melodrama and unwanted stage song of Bobby. But it also has some emotional and touchy scenes of Dharmendra with Kiron Kher and Sunny .

    One can say this time son has relaunch their father in a big way. Its definitely better than "rocky Balboa " as it has great emotional value and better reason to fight. Must see .
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    This is good experience to see this type of movie,also the the macho trio-Dharamendra,Sunny and bobby together, its a good story but this type of movie is not successful in this generation.Its fit on past 60 or 70 decades. Its a nice movie on father-son, Mother-son , Husband-wife relation.if you ask me which couple is best in this movie,although there have 3 couples- Dharmendra-Kiron Kher (a very talented actress!!),Sunny Deol-Shilpa Shetty (hot beauty with extreme height),Bobby Deol-Katrina Kaif(pretty good but have language problem), I choose the Dharmendra-Kiron Kher Couple ,Old is Gold,what a chemistry between both of them,a natural acting overall..

    The action is good but inspired from Stallon's blockbuster 'Rocky'..nevermind..if length of the movie edited then it would be more good. Music is OK.. not more efforts by Himesh reshmia,background score is OK but sometimes its loud. In other star cast Victor banerjee,Divya Datta,Aryan Vaid,Javed Shaikh are workable.. But the excellent performance from-Jonnie Brown as luca the killing machine. Anil Sharma always make movies with Dharmendra and Sunny Deol but to see together is a nice experience. The National Champinonship is look childish..where the Final Heavyweight Championship is look like WWF. The Action hero-Sunny look old age..obviously but perform a good fight scene. Shilpa looks good and act good also..Katrina have less scope , also she have to improve her language problem and acting,same thing about bobby role ,he have comparatively less scope than Dharam and Sunny.

    The Main pillar of this movie is Dharam Paaji..what a stamina and performance at the stage of this generation have to get inspiration from this OLD IS GOLD HE MAN!!! Anil Sharma knows very well that Indian people like Family dram with action and romance ka tadka... serve a dish,but not all dishes are good serve..Apne is like them.The story is good,star cast is good but screenplay and scripting are lower the marks.

    Nevermind,If you want to see a family movie with tears and punches then definitely go for movie with whole family.
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    Apne is the best boxing film Indian cinema has ever seen. However, as boxing films are rare in Indian cinema -I can only think of the Mithun starrer Boxer and Sohail Khan's Aryan: The unbreakable - that probably doesn't mean much to you. So let me say that Apne is one of the best sports film ever made in India. Still a rare genre in Indian cinema, but it's saying something if we consider the likes of Lagaan, Iqbal and Naya Daur.

    But I will not kid you: Apne is definitely not the Lagaan of boxing. Anil Sharmas direction is far too unrestrained and sophomoric to compare to Ashutosh Gowarikers more controlled and sophisticated direction. Its screenplay is too sluggish and overextended to match the fluidic pace of Lagaan, which even at 3 hours 45 min, felt like a breeze. Himesh Reshamiya songs are not even worth the dirt in Lagaan. So what makes this a good film, nay, even near great sometimes? Because there are bursts of brilliance, and when they come, their waves take you in their tide and exhilarate you. Then you come crashing back down again, irritated with the blatant emotional manipulation and the repeating title track, ready to murder the person you came with, because you just cannot bear it anymore --- Then comes another tide and you're riding the high-wave again!

    So when do the tides start coming in? After a drawn out first half and a very slow start, with almost endless crying/sentimental scenes, where the characters are not even established yet, but we are expected to emphasise with their deep sorrow, and just for good measure loads of dramatic music and repetition of "Apne, Apne hote hain" to drive the point home; ff there was anyone crying at this point, it was probably because they wanted it to stop! As let up, we have some very contrived comedy, from one of the laughter champion zelebs, which is not far removed from the stand-up routine we see on television. But this ceases as we progress to the second half, into the bread and butter of the film --- BOXING! Pure, unadulterated, BOXING MANIA!

    The boxing scenes are so good, that they alone are worth the price of the ticket. If you have seen legendary fights, then expect to see some of the greatest fights ever on the screen. This is not predictable sports film sports scenes, it's full of twists, edge of your seat action, drama, powerful performances and story intrigue. The action is so realistic, that if you are faint hearted, you will flinch and cover your face, otherwise, may cheer loudly. They are going to go wild in India with these scenes. Even here in the UK, some people were loudly cheering in the audience and each blow sent shock-waves throughout the audience.

    The credit goes to the stunning choreography, the machine-gun editing, the brilliant visual effects, the bombastic sound effects and the atmosphere the crew have created with mass-crowds chanting and the very authentic ring and auditorium. These are MUST-SEE fights.

    And what takes it to a level outside of the stratosphere are the brilliant performances by the Deols. Their performances, especially Dharmendra and Sunny Deol make the audience berserk. And then enter Lucia Garcia in the end, and you are in for a launch into orbit. I think this is the first Bollywood film with a black-person in a substantial role, and kudos to the casting agent for choosing such a fine actor and creating a proper character for him, with some absolutely terrific dialogues. It almost feels like they enlisted a huge Hollywood actor to match acting with the Deols.

    What really takes your heart is the inherent patriotism in the film. This is definitely a film made to excite the Indian crowds. The Punjabi flavour and the fragrance of the fields of the India only adds to the patriotic feel. This is a Deol film to the core, but leagues ahead of their other films, and this time with patriotism that you can ride from the beginning to the end. It's this patriotic fervour that makes you want to get up and cheer and scream at the top of your voice. I would be shocked if this film is not a raging success in India. For me, despite the flaws, this is the best film of the year
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    The film has a very warm tone of a father and his two sons. Told in the background of a-still-not-commercial-sport-in-India-boxing, Apne is a heart rending emotive display of Dharmendra to erase the blot on his sportive character.An equally good performance by Sunny and Bobby, this film is a must-watcher for family-film-people. A film for the fans of Dharmendra, surely. Lovely locations and excellent photography have helped a sensitive director Anil Sharma to direct this Deol attempt at presenting the family together for the first time. Himesh provides his usual score with the title track as unusually good-old world melody. Production values are good and the producer has spared no effort. A cut in the length of the film may help to woo another set of audience. The film will grow in terms of time to come and the producer must stand this test.
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    Stars never die… the simply fade away. Once in a while they shine with brilliance, just as a reminder that they are very much around. That's Dharmendra for you as ex-boxer Baldev Singh who struggles to meet life after being banned from the sport despite winning a silver medal for India in the Olympics.

    Its Dharmendra's show all over as he puts up a sensitive portrayal of trying to win back his honour by coaching the first prospective heavy weight boxing champion for the country. At one end is his strained relationship with the elder son Angad (Sunny Deol) who quits boxing since the sport does not support a family and goes for greener pastures, at the other is his rockstar son Karan (Bobby) who aspires to fulfill his fathers dreams.

    The plot weaves a script around these family relationships which at times are tedious but do have their strong moments.

    The movie is a break from regular romance and love triangles. Shilpa Shetty as the Bahu plays her part OK, Kiron Kher as the wife is good as always and Katrina is subdued and around. Always good to have a Victor Banarjee there. Few of the songs are catchy but on the whole it's a Deol family show and the family bonds show on screen as it does off screen.

    "Play Cricket or Tennis in this Country, cause boxing has no future," says Dharmendra and echoes well the pathos of this country when it comes to encouraging people who pursue sports.

    Its not a 'Rocky,' but Apne combines Indian family tradition to deliver a strong message about the plight of sportsmen who are struggling today with the lack of encouragement coming their way.

    And though it does have its moments of absurdity, on the whole it's a movie that has a feel good factor and should serve as a reminder for those in the Sporting Authority to fund more than just cricketers.
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    This has to be the first time that I have seen the audience clap and cheer a fight scene in the UK. When Sunny Deol exacts revenge in the climax on Luca (the current Heavyweight Champion) for what he did to his brother, the entire cinema erupted. Excellent stuff.

    On the whole Apne isn't a brilliant film, but it has its moments, be it the emotional scenes between Dharamendra and his sons or the scenes in the boxing ring, it does leave its mark on you.

    It was great to see Dharamendra back on screen playing a well etched character. His bitterness and failure really came across very well. Bobby Deol was also good in probably the weakest (no pun intended) character of the three. Sunny Deol as always was brilliant. No one plays rage and anger on screen as well as he does. He really gets the audience going.

    To sum up Apne will leave you with moist eyes and fists. It makes a change to see a good desi film on screen, rather than the pretentious 'we're almost like Hollywood' type of films which are churned out week after week.
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    I always wondered when all 3 Deols (Dharam, Sunny, and Bobby) would come together, and it finally happened with APNE (Ours). It is brilliantly done, and performances by the 3 Deols are first-rate. It is a true and authentic family drama about boxers and reveals a father-son relationship, unlike those overrated and over-the-top SRK dramas, which the ignorant fools still love. Some people seriously fail to understand what the Deols are really all about, and they really need to watch them closely. Anil Sharma's style of presentation is one of the best, and the support is tremendous. The boxing is excellent, and the chemistry between Dharmendra and Sunny is too good. Also, Sunny's reason to fight in the climax is convincing. I highly commend the Deols for a job very well done! Apne really deserves to be in the top 5 hits of 2007, but sadly, the media and critics are so biased and unfair, that they will ignore it for that overacting SRK and his movies. Anyways, if you have any sense, then forget SRK, and just watch the Deols!! Highly recommended for good movie buffs! 12/10!! Just go for it man and enjoy!!!!!!!
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    Too bad that I was just thinking for the past 1 month that this movie will be nothing but an ego show of the deols. I watched it yesterday and after the movie finished, I just thought- "We Indians rate the movie on the basis of what we see in promos.".. OK, just consider Tara rum pum, It began to bore me within fifteen minutes. The racing sequence was so pathetic.. I was wondering where this kinda race happens on this planet. The kids were equally worse.

    Coming back to 'Apne', this will surely go down among the underrated films of 2007. I last saw a great sports sequence in a Hindi movie in 'Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikander'. And then, I saw it here. Boxing scenes were well directed, if not excellent. Acting of the three deols were equally good.

    I don't usually favor emotional and long films. This film had both. it was long and highly emotional. But I didn't feel anytime that it was getting on me. May be thats what you call brilliant film making.
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    I can't believe that so many people who have commented here actually liked this junk of a movie. I also can't believe that Dharmendra himself asked his director friend Anil Sharma to make this complete mess of a movie for his family. All these years Dharmendra did so many good films and the best among them were Sholay, Sultanat, Saazish, International Crook, Kahani Kismat Ki, Dadagiri, Karishma Kudarat Ka, Katilon Ke Katil, Dharam Veer, Insaniyat Ke Dushman, Hukumat and many more. But how the hell he got himself and his whole family into this mess of a movie is something I will never understand. Fist of all the story is a complete copy of Rocky 4 to be honest. Here Bobby Deol plays the Appolo Creed(Carl Weathers) while Sunny Deol plays the Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) and both these brothers make a complete mess of this whole badly scripted and even poorly acted nonsense movie. First of all these gentlemen should have thought about how different was Sly in all his movies and in the Rocky 4 part he was at the peak of his career and he looked completely ripped after getting years of training from 2 times Mr. Olympia Franco Columbo(also a friend of Arnold Schwarzenegger). In contrast Sunny Deol looked like a yellow bear without any innocent cute looks of an animal(esp bear). He is overweight, completely out of shape, has no muscle whatsoever to come closer to even a 61 year Sylvester Stallone now. And he looks even worse with a hairy chest which again reminds me of an old bear(only bear looks much better). And to make the things worse he acts like he is the only man left in the world who knows some boxing and he is supported in his childish acting and behavior by his half drunken father. In the Rocky 4 Sylvester Stallone always plays a cool and calm guy and his amazingly handsome Adonis looks really made him unmatchable for the rest of the world let alone Punjab. I would say that both Dharamendra and Sunnny Deol should do some serious exercise and stop drinking immediately to avoid further damage to their bad health(family health). Also they should leave Bobby do some family business(not movies please) as we Dharmendra fans can't stand him anymore. I really hope they will take some lessons from this stinker of a movie(Apne) and look at the world around with open and sensible minds so that we may get a chance to see the great father and son duo we once saw in Suntanat. I would say avoid this movie at all costs, if you really don't have anything to do then better watch some better looking animals on TV (animal planet), but not in this stinker.
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    Normally I avoid Sunny Deol movies. I made the mistake of recently watching 'Fool and Final' (actually I'd forgotten that Deol was in it). The reason I watched Apne was Shilpa Shetty, Kiron Kher, Victor Bannerjee and Divya Dutta (all three have very small roles). With some alterations in the screenplay, better actors, a better director, better background score and a few more better things, 'Apne' could have been a worthwhile flick.

    I'm going to be nice by calling it mediocre as Dharmendra had a lot of expectations from it and I'd feel mean by being really really honest. All this 'high-tech' effects were crap (e.g. the x-ray view, moving camera, slow motion and rib cracking garbage just made the film more tacky and gave it a pretentious 'appeal'). The appearance of the title track in the background echoing throughout the whole film is highly irritating. In fact none of the songs stand out (most of them are abysmal) thanks to Himesh Reshammiya.

    Anil Sharma's direction is very poor which is not a surprise considering his last two flicks. Sunny Deol is much less annoying than his other flicks but hé still irritates. Ditto for Bobby Deol. Dharmendra gives a good performance as the stubborn and obsessed father. Bannerjee and Shetty make their presence felt in smaller roles. Katrina Kaif merely plays the standard bimbo doctor. Kirron Kher is good in some scenes and over the top in others.

    The screenplay takes (or steals) a lot from 'Million Dollar Baby', 'Rocky' (can't remember which one) and 'Cinderella Man' among other boxing flicks. In spite of so many sources, 'Apne's screenplay is pretty messed up. You're better off rewatching 'Life in a Metro'.
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    White gold

    WOW.... a waste of 3 hours of my life!! was so predictable... and the cutting the eye thing-remind you of anything? LOL. Such a disappointment. The only good thing was seeing father and two sons in the same movie, a nice touch. I would recommend this to someone who is bored and has nothing to do, but don't blame me if you fall asleep because you've already predicted exactly whats going to happen!! also, if you like the rocky films and think its going to be anything like them, ITS NOT!! The only time i felt like it could even be a little bit good was when karan's arm got better even though it was predictable but they rushed into the boxing part with him.
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    Apne stinks. That's just a fact. Recognizing self-stink (that should really be a word) is difficult, so the Deols are excused. But everybody else? Clearly a case of massive, large-scale nose-block. Or perhaps Dharmendra-euphoria, but even then, why doesn't Hindustani and Timely Khaild take a sniff, just a sniff; that's really all that's required.

    I don't usually speak of stink in vain. It's one of the worst things you can do. So my assertion doesn't come without reason. Or three, for that matter.

    1. The film, purely by nature of its characters and how they choose to behave (or misbehave), is the kind the Fantastic Farah (Khan, I mean) can, should and probably will, spoof. It's a film - (there are two schools of thought on just that) - of Fred's time (Flintstone, I mean). People, in films, just don't talk like that anymore, react like that anymore, or, most importantly, stink like that anymore.

    Closely associated with the essential graph of this three-hour 'film', is the execution of the graph. Here is where one wishes one hadn't taken the anti-flu vaccine. Why? Smell this: Every emotion that has been depicted has been stretched obscenely. If something is sad, it is incredibly sad. If it's happy, it's incredibly happy. And so, if it's stinky, it's incredibly stinky. And this excessive treatment, in itself, is fine - there is inherently nothing wrong in an effective emotional roller-coaster - but that has to be backed by strong writing. The only thing strong in Apne, of course, is the Paanch Kilo Ka Haath and the stench emanating from it. Smell this: The direction is clichéd, campy, hackneyed, unintentionally hilarious and stinky, to say the absolute least. Misplaced slow-motion moments, catastrophically cheesy crescendos and Dharmendra's 'I have to be sarcastic to Sunny Bwuoay' face are comic relief. Well, comic.

    2. It's all about hating your parents, children, children's wives and grandchildren. A film that professes to stand for placing your 'Apne' above all, smacks every Apne in its sight, and hard. It's a sorry story of a psychotic, self-centered man, whose warped sense of the rightness of things is backed by sickening Punjabi male chauvinism fueled whole-heartedly by women who bathe and get dressed and stop. A man who couldn't care less about his Apne and wants each to get smacked as hard and as quickly as possible. One down, one to go. And when all are down, the loon croons: 'Apne - arr - arr - Hrff - arr' - sorry, not a fan of the whole macho, hoarse voice. "But it's from the sons' points of view!" : Quiet! Then the message becomes: 'No matter how crazy your father is, do exactly what he wants even if it's bad for the whole family AND him, in the long run'. Aww.

    Still wondering what to do with the paanch kilo ka haath?

    3. Not funny. The two feeble attempts at humour - the 'Ek Joke Suna - arr- Hrrff' and the Sikh who forgets are not funny. Just stinky. Not funny. Only stinky.

    So, all I can say is this: Go, watch Apne. But when you return, take a bath. Coz this baby stinks.
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    Yes, it is an oxymoron. A boxing movie designed to cater to the females in the auditora is as unappetizing in thought as it is in execution. There is far too much sobbing in this depressing tale of a disgraced Indian boxer (Dharmendra) who cannot move on with his life. Dharmendra has always been a great actor, but in Anil Sharma's hands this time around, he is reduced to a weeping, willowy, little girl trapped in a man's body. What happened to the super-strong Dharam-paji of Anil Sharma's super-hit Hukumat? Heck, Dharmendra was a thousand times more engaging in the recent Anurag Basu venture, Metro. Sunny is ten years too old, and one hair piece too ugly, for his role as the misunderstood eldest son. And Bobby's transformation from a rocker to super-athlete is impossible to digest. Skip it. If you want to enjoy better Deol fare, there are a thousand other choices out there. (Try Chupke Chupke, Ghulami, Yateem, Dacait, Damini or Gupt.)
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    Acting - 9/10 (Great acting)

    Action - 9/10 (Awesome action)

    Dialogues - 10/10 (Perfect Dialogue Delivery)

    Script - 9/10 (Very Exceptional Script)

    Plot - 8/10 (Good plot)

    Lyrics - 10/10 (More than you could ever want in lyrics. Fit perfectly in the events that are going on in the movie.

    Screenplay - 9/10 (Great screenplay)

    Box Office - 8/10 (Should've done that good in box office, so that would've been a lot more than it made, although it was a blockbuster, but still)

    Overall - 9/10

    Great Movie. This movie should've done better in box office, but it didn't. It did well in critics, although the movie has everything you ask for. It's absolutely perfect, so that comes to show that the judges who criticize movies have no knowledge about acting etc at all. They should be shot. Please do vote yes.
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    I am not going to create and write my own comments here as it may take a looong time. So instead I choose to repost the comments posted on the IBN Live website which describes this stinker better than anything else.


    The worst thing you can do to an actor is make him look like an ass. Which is why I think the three male leads of Apne are probably gunning for director Anil Sharma's blood.

    Apne, which opens at cinemas this week, features yesteryear's star Dharmendra as a former world boxing champion who was banned from the sport after being falsely framed under doping charges.

    Much to his disappointment, his elder son (played by Sunny Deol) decides not to take up the sport professionally, and opts instead for a more practical career.

    Daddy dearest, who was hoping to realize his own unfulfilled ambitions through his elder son, is dismayed naturally, but turns his attention to his younger son, (played by Bobby Deol), who's only just recovered from a childhood injury, but seems happy nevertheless to enter the ring.

    Under the able tutelage of his father, Beta Number Two fast becomes a boxing star and makes his way to the finals of an international championship in the US , but sadly that's just as far as he can make it, defeated as he is by reigning champion Luca Gracia who uses dishonourable means to beat him.

    It is now the turn of Bade Bhaiyya to avenge his younger sibling's unfair defeat and near-death thrashing.

    So Beta Number One spends a month in training, then enters the ring to take on his brother's nemesis.

    That gesture alone, and his subsequent victory, redeems him in the eyes of his father who'd never really forgiven him in all these years.

    Evidently it's the fact that Dharmendra, Sunny and Bobby Deol appear together for the first time on screen, that is the main highlight of Apne, but how you wish the family had chosen a better film to do the honours with.

    To make a film for the sake of it, is one of the worst things you can do. A film should be made because you've got a great story to tell.

    Sadly, this is no great story. In fact, it's a melodramatic piece that's about thirty years too late.

    The worst thing about Apne is that it disguises itself as a sports film when actually the film abuses the very spirit of sportsmanship.

    I'd have no problems if they'd projected boxing as a highly competitive sport. What they do, instead, is project the sport as some sort of a bloody battleground where rules are constantly flouted and all one fights for is the opponent's blood.

    I was also disgusted by the sickening pleasure that's taken in making you uncomfortable watching those boxing scenes.

    Every time a punch is thrown, you can hear the bones crunch, you can hear the ribs crack.

    This is highly exploitative and it's done with the sole intention of making you turn away your face in disgust like you do when you're watching a gruesome horror film.

    Like most recent films by Anil Sharma, Apne too is embarrassingly soppy. The director does everything he can to tug at your heartstrings and make you weep like his actors do.

    But the only reason you're reduced to tears is because you can no longer handle the absurdity of the plot.

    How Bobby Deol goes from a pop-star with a limp arm to a world boxing champ in just a few months is one of the marvels of modern medicine that doctors the world over may not have been able to solve, but director Anil Sharma seems to have got all figured out.

    Some three hours later when the film finally ends, you feel like you've come out of battle. There's very little you can say about the performance of the three Deols, and that's a pity because they've been let down by such a terrible script.

    I'm going to go with one out of five and a thumbs down for director Anil Sharma's Apne, it reeks of over-sentimentality and unnecessary rona-dhona.

    Round one, the Deols defeat Luca Gracia. Coming up is round two -- the Deols versus Anil Sharma.
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    I feel sad for the Deol family. Dharmendra's magic era is over, Sunny Deol is repeated over and over again and Bobby Deol is not up to the class of either of the former two. Now from their family stable they try to create a movie that would evoke strong Jat feelings. When this movie was announced and promos shown, I did not expect much from this movie. CNN-IBN review rated it very poor – 1 out of 5, and the audience reviews were okay. So my hopes for this movie really dwindled down. But for the sake for Dharmendra I sat through the movie.

    The story is about Baldev Singh Choudhary (Dharmendra) – a silver medalist in Olympics who is dis-qualified from fighting the world heavy weight championship due to false doping charges. He builds his hopes on his elder son Angad (Sunny Deol) who is not interested in boxing but makes a career as Agriculture products exporter and there is always a tension between father and son; while Dharmendra's younger son Karan (Bobby Deol) is interested in music. But after one of the students of Baldev Singh insults him, Karan takes the challenge to make a career in boxing. In the boxing bout in United States Karan looses due to a foul play with the World Heavy Weight Boxing Champion – Luca (Jonnie Brown) and Angad comes into the frame of things to take revenge of his brother's defeat and live his father's dream by defeating Luca.

    The Director Anil Sharma has tried to cater to Indian audiences taste by bringing in the whole family emotions, inter-cutting with some (poor) comedy, songs, drama in the first half – varies the second half mostly focuses on the boxing matches and fights.

    Surely for film audiences who have grown up seeing Rocky boxing fights in the 1980s would find this movie a B-grade stuff. But for North Indian audiences, I think this movie will still work magic. Dharmendra – who always gets a raw deal in not getting good role, has given a power house performance by his lion hearted character. He captures the screen and brings olden day memories back to forth; Sunny Deol has usual is very good and matches the scenes with his Dad – Dharmendra equally. The weakest link in the movie is Bobby Deol – who looks so unconvincing to carry on any part – be of a rock star musician or a boxer.

    The first half of the movie is much better than the second half – were it sinks to unnecessary melo-drama of olden day movies. I was not impressed by the boxing arena set too. It looked too Indian – even though it was in USA. The musical score was good and Himesh Reshamiya has given his nasal sounding melodies that would become popular for time being. I also liked the background score that jelled very well with the tempo and various scenes of the movie.

    The heroines characters – Shilpa Shetty and Katrina Kaif sadly does not have to do much, nor does Kiron Kher has much part to play in this movie.

    The direction could have been much tighter. This was the only chance for the three members of the Deol family to be together and that's it, I do not think it will happen again.

    Some scenes are quite emotional and bring tears to the eyes, while Sunny's entry into accepting the challenge to fight brings back electrifying memories of his Punjabi puttar's image. It was really hard to see Bobby Deol with floppy chest standing to fight a world champion – I did not know where to hide my face.

    I think CNN-IBN was too harsh on criticizing and rating the movie, may be he is a typical multiplex high class audience – who are remote from Bollywood front benchers! This is a Bollywood movie that would do good business especially in North India and smaller towns.

    (Stars 5.5 out of 10)
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    Just like JJWS did not get due recognition when it was released owing to lack of publicity, Apne too falls in the same trap. There should have been promos like the father being disgraced in his hey-days and his dreams of regaining the lost glory. The non cooperation of his eldest son and the physical impaired second son, all could have made into interesting promos to give out the message that its a boxing based movie interlaced with emotions.

    Anyways the movie is definitely watchable. Apne has Dharamendra written all over - this should be termed as his "real" comeback movie (if you were to excuse his appearance in Metro & Hum Kaun Hain). It showcases the untapped potential of the actor who is ready for his next innings. Bobby Deol is the next one who gets lions share (was he jumping between the sets of JBJ and Apne) Sunny plays the cry-baby who gets a make-over only in the final act.

    The story is innovative and commendable (as said earlier, it bears strong resemblance to JJWS, only role-reversal with lots of glitz and glamour). Screenplay does get engrossing as the movie progresses.


    01. The pain and anguish of Dharamendra at the beginning of the movie seems incomprehensible. As the movie progresses the movie goes into a series of flash-backs to provide answers. Sorry but the damage is already one. Instead, the movie should have started with the flashbacks.

    02. Bobby miracle recovery is quite filmy. Hints should have been dropped that his brain has healed and needs a trigger. It seemed as a lame excuse when it was attempted to be justified.

    03. Bobby's climb to success should have been more screen-time for the audience to digest. It appears hurried.

    04. The penultimate 30-minutes end up being a typical Sunny Deol fare and gives an alien feel to the whole movie.

    05. The liver transplant at the climax is over the top. The movie should have ended with Sunny's victory.

    06. Jonny Brown as Luca Garcia does his part well. But too many English lines does mar the hardcore Deol fans.

    07. Victor Banerjee: Under-utilised and a bad choice to use his voice as narrative.

    08. Jawaid Sheikh - I wonder why does the Amitabh Bachchan of Lollywood vying for blink-n-miss roles. Better to serve in heaven than reign in hell?

    09. Not required in the movie were Shilpa Shetty (served only to cry with hubby Sunnyji), Kiron Kher (served for melodramatic moments), Katrina Kaif, Divya Dutta & Rajendra Gupta.

    The boxing match sequences are well-executed. Has a few resemblances to Million Dollar Baby (narrative of Victor Banerjee?).

    Sports based films which generally are hit or flop... there is no middle ground. Boxing - the moment you utter the word probably only Mohammed Ali comes to the mind of Bollywood audience and the thought process ends at that. For a sports movie to work in Bollywood you either pack in a solid punch and let movie do the talking or need a big star to break this mould (SRK - Chak De...). Until then this genre needs more caving in Bollywood.

    PS: Its fun to see Deol sons miming the dance steps of Dharam paaji.

    PS(2): Amar Singh? What on earth was that!!!
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    Great Power Punch by DEOLS, Great movie at all, the focus of movie is on "BIG D" i.e. Dharam Ji and Dharam Ji gives the signal that "He is Back" to rock, with lots of emotions, melody drama the movie is a perfect family drama. While watching the movie you will realize that your are watching your own family drama. Sunny Deol again do the great job with the small role to his side, he give lots of attention to "Big D" and Brother Bobby. Bobby also did the great job. The story of the movie is average but the emotions, chemistry between the TRIO did the right job and the becomes HIT. Film Director Anil Sharma (Family Director) did good job and has done magic of bringing the TRIO first time in Bollywood Industry. Kiron Kher, Shilpa Shetty, Katrina Kaif, Divya Dutta,etc. had small roles but they had done it with heart. The music is good, great cinematography specially of the Boxing ring, good editing, at last good movie to watch. A great family entertainer. 10 out of 10 Best Actor Award for Dharam Ji
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    It has never been a secret that Dharmendra made the careers of his sons. They turned out to be fantastic actors. I liked the movies of Dharmendra, I was surprised he got back in front of the camera. And also with both of his sons.

    Now the idea was great. Dharmendra used to be a boxer in America. But he got kicked out because they thought he used doping. Dharmendra wanted his son Sunny to be a boxer too, but sunny refused. Sunny did not see a rich career in boxing. His other son Bobby could not box, because he had a disabled left hand.

    But then Bobby sudden can use his hand and want his father's dream to come true. But still Dharmendra is angry about Sunny.

    This movie has not a great story. Camera and acting was not that great too. Sunny Deol's Hairdress was ridiculous! Bobby Deol could not act as a handicapped person. It was not convincing. Only to hide your hand does not make you disable.

    This is an emotional movie. It could have been a good tear jerker, but it isn't. And that is the moment where this movie goes wrong. Dharmendra cannot act well. His face cannot show emotions. Besides that, the camera work does not work for me. It's like they were not shooting a movie, but a commercial.

    What was Shilpa Shetty doing in this movie? Was she the daughter of Dharmendra, or was she the daughter in law? In the beginning this was not clear.

    The most annoying mistakes filmmakers can make, when they put American/English actors or actresses in their movie, is that the movie does not work. This because the English accents are weird. The accents are not like they supposed to be. It's more exaggerated. In Sohail Khan's movies this happens all the time. I like Sohail's Movies, but the English accents aren't real.

    Now this movie has pinned itself that a boxing match has to be 12 rounds. Why? A knockout can be done in 3 rounds. So you see the fighters fight, and you see the signs of the rounds. It was all unnecessary. This movie cannot be compared to Rocky, Cinderella man or Million Dollar baby. This movie did not work for me.
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    Film: Apne Director: Anil Sharma Cast: Dharmendra, Kiron Kher, Sunny Deol, Shilpa Shetty, Bobby Deol, Katrina Kaif, Victor Banerjee, Aryan Vaid, Divya Dutt Rating: ***

    Anil Sharma's earlier films Gadar – Ek Prem Katha (Love story) and Hero-love story of a spy had extra dose of Sunny Deol's screams. But contrary to them, this film has been able to keep him quiet and let Dharmendra's acting shine. His earlier films had very subtle tag lines but they were actually filled with action. He kept this film without a tagline and filled it with heavy weights and boxing!!

    Baldev Chowdhary played by Dharmendra is an ex boxer, Olympic silver medallist. When in the US fighting for the World Heavy weight Championship, the betting mafia conspired against him and made doping charges against him. This brought him a fifteen years ban on his boxing career. He was passionate and loved the sport more than anything. He was devastated by the verdict. So he challenged the federation in US that his son Angad played by Sunny Deol would become a world heavy weight champion and bring him the pride back.

    The opening scene of the movie where Dharmedra looks at the snow in his hands and compares it with life, saying life is like snow...we know its going to melt but the period it stays in our hands, is most extraordinary and wonderful.

    The gloomy cold atmosphere brings in the grief in the ex boxer's life. The scene has the presence of his friend Ali played by Victor Banerjee and the way they meet and bid goodbye creates a bit of a suspense. I felt that Baldev Chowdhary was going to commit suicide. During the conversation, most of the shots were mid-shots which brought emotion and sensitivity that the scene demanded.

    Cut, the next shot brings life into a Television studio. His friend is being interviewed and the suspense remains whether Baldev Chowdhary has committed suicide or he is safe. The interview continues and the story sets back in India.

    For 10 years Baldev tries to make Angad a heavy weight champion but it doesn't work out. Angad finally gives up boxing to a career in agriculture. He does quite well but it is completely against his father's wishes. At times it seems that Dharmedra is being selfish in putting so much pressure on his son. But when one looks at the gravity, suffering and pain in Dharmendra's character everything looks justifiable. This shift of balance is well portrayed by the director.

    Kiron Kher plays his wife and everybody in the house listens to her. She is strong, loving and instantly bonds with the audience.

    Shilpa shetty is the traditional Punjabi wife of Angad. She is full of life and a loving and caring wife, daughter-in-law and sister-in-law.

    Karan played by Bobby Deol is Angad's brother and would be Rock Star. I strongly feel that just to add glamour and liveliness in a story, there is no need to bring songs. What was the need to show Bobby Deol's rock star song with his left hand in the pocket, when it was already clear that he had some problems with his left hand from his childhood. I think the editor could have been more liberal and generous in his work.

    Baldev feels that he is let down by his own people. He doubts his very existence. But an opportunity comes in the form of a Boxing contest called 'Boxing Giant' organized by a Television channel. Each continent would have their own representative and the winner would fight with the world heavy weight champion Luca Gracia played by Jonnie Brown.

    The director did a smart work by bringing a real politician Amar Singh in the beginning of the film. So that the audience may feel that the boxer Luca Gracia is also real. He is fantastic and definitely more opportunities will come his way to play villains in films.

    It's the treatment given to the film and the spotlight to the family coming together, respecting and fighting (in literal terms) to bring back the lost pride is the strong point of the film. It's also true that the fight back appeared endless. At one point I felt If Angad also loses to Luca Gracia, Angad's kid would volunteer to fight with him!

    If R K Laxman had to make a cartoon strip playing with his famous Malgudi Days, looking at the bad hair days of the Deols, it would be 'Balgudi' Days.

    I felt an immensely talented actor like Victor Banerjee is wasted. The music by Himesh Reshamiya is not at all soothing. But the film rises above all…the emotion portrayed by the macho men is worth watching.
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    If Sarkar was the best movie for Father-son duo Big B and Abhishek, then Apne is the best platform to feature the Dharmpaji-Sunny-Bobby trio. With a story that reminds you a lot about K3G, this movie does a little more effort in encouraging the Indians to shine in the international sports arena, in fact, Malaysians too should be inspired by this effort, as we have been pretty slow in that area for ages.

    Kiron Kher does justice as a typical punjabi mother, Katrina, was just acting, well, pretty. After Shilpa's popularity with Big Brother (UK reality show), one would expect Shilpa being showered with better roles, however, here she gets plenty of footage without substance.

    The story pace might seem slow at times, and lengthy that it makes you just wish that one of the characters kick the bucket as soon as possible to cut the story short. As boxers in the international level, both Bobby and Sunny have poor body, easily put to shame by the other boxers in the movie.

    The verdict, watch it, but with no hopes at all. The best thing about the movie is minimal songs, thankfully, because I can't stand Himesh's voice.
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    When Anil Sharma is on the director's seat there is always a risk of him getting overboard showcasing emotions to an extend that gets unconvincing. Not to mention his couple of past disappointments. But... with Apne Anil Sharma has reinstated himself as one of the finest story teller we have in Bollywood.

    The USP of the film is its originality. Dharmendra, Sunny and Bobby are lovable. They have definitely graced the movie by bringing their off-screen relationship on-screen.

    If you care about emotions then this is the movie for you. I bet you would like it. Otherwise you are better off home.