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Вставные зубы (1909) HD online

Вставные зубы (1909) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy
Original Title: Le ratelier de la belle-mère
Director: Émile Cohl
Released: 1909
Duration: 3min
Video type: Movie
Mother-in-law has been presented with a new set of false teeth, the gift of her son-in-law. The teeth are much admired by the family, but unfortunately their acquisition enables mother-in-law to chatter even more volubly than before. She gets into a quarrel with a neighbor on the street. In the argument she drops her teeth and loses them. A man passing by finds them. While examining them closely the "jaws" close with a snap on his nose. Another person coming along helps him to get rid of the biting teeth and places them on a bench. A gentleman of leisure coming along takes a seat on the bench, but instead of getting the rest and comfort he anticipated, he finds himself in the same predicament as if he had sat on a sharp jawed rat-trap. His screams of anguish bring two policemen to the rescue, who gingerly remove the dental apparatus. They take it to the police station, but when they get there, in explaining to the chief how the teeth work, they themselves are cruelly bitten. At last ...
Credited cast:
Max Linder Max Linder

Original French title is undetermined.

Released in the US as a split reel along with A Convict's Heroism (1909).

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    There are several prints of this very short early Max Linder comedy short floating around the internet. I actually sought it out because Linder, while super-famous in his day, is practically forgotten today and very, very few of his nearly 200 films exist--due to degradation of the old nitrate stock plus no one too it upon themselves to preserve them (unlike Harold Lloyd, who built a vault and kept all his films from 1920 onward). It is only because I am a HUGE fan of early comedy that I even bothered to watch this, as the print was in horrible condition--in fact, every version I found online was of the same ragged and blurry print. Because of the dubious quality, it's hard to accurately rate it--keep this in mind.

    Mother gets a new set of dentures. Despite being initially happy, they soon discover the teeth have a life of their own and they jump from her mouth and bite everyone who comes near--from ladies to gentlemen to even the police! This is only mildly amusing but compared to other comedy pieces from the same time, it's pretty good--but NOT great. It's worth a look for the curious, but not among the better old shorts I have seen.
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    This one here is a black-and-white silent film from 1909, so over 100 years old. Even if that is a very long time, I must say this film is even inferior to some very short movies made in the 19th century already. This refers to quality in terms of how visible the action is, but also to the story in general. I must say it is very much impossible to understand what is going on with that set of teeth and the people in here in general. This is a bit disappointing because Cohl is one of the most lauded filmmakers of his era and Max Linder was among the earliest silent movie stars. Still, this has nothing on what Chaplin, Keaton and Lloyd did in the years after that. All in all, a weak watch. Not recommended.
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    The print I saw of this short Max Linder film from 1909 was so degraded that it was difficult to see what was supposed to be happening most of the time.

    The story involves an old lady receiving a new pair of dentures which, although initially seeming OK, soon take on a life of their own and start biting anyone who comes within snapping distance, causing much Gallic waving of arms.

    There's very little else to say about this blurred example of Linder's work. Perhaps, one day, a better print will surface, but until then I suppose we should just be thankful that a print exists at all, regardless of its quality.