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Barjatri (1951) HD online

Barjatri (1951) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: Barjatri
Director: Satyen Bose
Writers: Satyen Bose,Bibhuti Mukherjee
Released: 1951
Video type: Movie
Credited cast:
Hrishikesh Bandyopadhyay Hrishikesh Bandyopadhyay
Kalo Bandyopadhyay Kalo Bandyopadhyay
Satyen Bandyopadhyay Satyen Bandyopadhyay
Bhanu Bannerjee Bhanu Bannerjee - (as Bhanu Bandyopadhyay)
Haradhan Bannerjee Haradhan Bannerjee
Kali Bannerjee Kali Bannerjee - Gansha
Satya Bannerjee Satya Bannerjee
Sital Bannerjee Sital Bannerjee - (as Sheetal Bandyopadhyay)
Jiten Chakraborty Jiten Chakraborty
Narayan Chattopadhyay Narayan Chattopadhyay
Arun Chowdary Arun Chowdary
Sushil Ghatak Sushil Ghatak
Anup Kumar Anup Kumar
Dhiresh Majumdar Dhiresh Majumdar
Gosto Mallick Gosto Mallick

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    A film made in the early fifties in bangla.With the limited facilities available this was brilliantly done.The film is about the 'carrying ons' of a group of friends.One of them get married and the rest go along as the groom's entourage. The hilarious situations created are a treat to watch and will forever remain as some of the finest moments of bangla cinema.The next part of the film is about how Gansha, the leader of the group gets a girl.Kali Banerjee as Gansha has put across a performance which is brilliant to say the least.The humour is based on the situations created, and never is it senseless or contrived.A pity really that we have never, since, seen as funny a movie. I do not know if the movie still exists in any form.A remake couldn't match the subtle humour of the original.