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The Mill of Life (1914) HD online

The Mill of Life (1914) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama
Original Title: The Mill of Life
Director: Maurice Costello,Robert Gaillard
Writers: W.A. Tremayne
Released: 1914
Video type: Movie
After giving his nephew, Rolland, a college education, John Latham, owner of a large mill, takes him into partnership. The young man becomes fascinated with Helen Grant, a young mill girl, who is engaged to Harry Ames, a fine fellow, but with an occasional weakness for drink. Rolland presses his attentions upon Helen, but she refuses to accept them. Harry and Helen are married, and Rolland commences a systematized persecution of Harry. He finally has the young husband discharged for intoxication. Helen begs Rolland to give Harry another chance, but he tells her he cannot do it. Then, pretending sympathy, he gives Harry a letter of introduction to a friend in America, with whom he can secure a good job, and gives Helen back her old position in the mill. All correspondence between the two is intercepted by the rascal and when he feels the time is ripe, Rolland urges Helen to forget Harry and run away with him. This conversation is overheard by Harry's friend, Mark, who at once cables ...
Cast overview:
Maurice Costello Maurice Costello - Harry Ames
Estelle Mardo Estelle Mardo - Helen Grant
Thomas R. Mills Thomas R. Mills
Robert Gaillard Robert Gaillard - (as Robert Gaillord)
Paul Scardon Paul Scardon
Edward Kimball Edward Kimball
Norma Talmadge Norma Talmadge
Leo Delaney Leo Delaney
Van Dyke Brooke Van Dyke Brooke
Edwina Robbins Edwina Robbins