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Alguns Nomes do Impossivel (2009) HD online

Alguns Nomes do Impossivel (2009) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy / Drama / Mystery / Romance
Original Title: Alguns Nomes do Impossivel
Director: Gabriel Tupinambá
Writers: Gabriel Tupinambá,Gabriel Tupinambá
Released: 2009
Budget: $10,000
Duration: 18min
Video type: Movie
Through short and slightly absurd situations, we follow - like a patient being shown cards in a Rorschach test - the strange repetition of a motif never fully displayed, but always dealing with the feminine and the male responses to its mystery. All the nine stories take place in Rio de Janeiro, a city very much accustomed to being the scenery for the absurd and the strange to happen. Under its strong and unmerciful lights, men and women witness each other in situations that prompt themselves into pure anguish or uncontrollable laughter. The nine scenes are: Radio - three girls driving back from a failed Holiday trip; Crabs - a couple breaks up in a strange way while eating crabs by a strange swamp restaurant; Demon - a woman is thought to be diabolically possessed; Copacabana - two women meet in a crossroad in a busy Copacabana afternoon; Talk - three stage technicians discuss in a very explicit way what they would like to do to Mirra, an actress in the play being staged there; ...
Credited cast:
Saulo Arcoverde Saulo Arcoverde
Giselle Batista Giselle Batista - Anik
Henrique Botkay Henrique Botkay - Tomás
Jorge Caetano Jorge Caetano - Ernesto
Jorge Caetano Jorge Caetano - Ernesto
Alessandra Colassanti Alessandra Colassanti - Andréia
Erom Cordeiro Erom Cordeiro
Nathalia Dill Nathalia Dill - Érika
Gregório Duvivier Gregório Duvivier - Lázaro
Aline Fanju Aline Fanju
Arthur Ferreira Arthur Ferreira
Arthur Ferreira Arthur Ferreira - Homem da Guitarra
Manoel Friques Manoel Friques - Homem com Fome
Julia Gorman Julia Gorman - Viviane
Ana Kutner Ana Kutner