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III (Three) (2012) HD online

III (Three) (2012) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Music / Musical / Mystery
Original Title: III (Three)
Director: Nik Kacevski
Writers: Nik Kacevski
Released: 2012
Budget: AUD 1,500
Duration: 3min
Video type: Movie
III is a short film that invites three individuals to three separate locations where they have three minutes to express themselves without interruption; a place where they can truly be themselves with no one to judge them. When the three minutes are up, they must chose to stay, or go back home. Three individuals. Three disciplines. One common passion: To push their bodies to the ultimate capacity and create art. A martial artist. A dancer. A contortionist. We expose the beauty and discipline involved to create such extraordinary performances. The poetry of their movements encapsulates the essence of art and self-expression.
Credited cast:
Hakan Manav Hakan Manav - Martial Artist
Bree Robertson Bree Robertson - Contortionist
Travers Ross Travers Ross - Dancer