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I'll Catch You (2011) HD online

I'll Catch You (2011) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Drama
Original Title: Iu0027ll Catch You
Director: Miguel A. Ceja
Writers: Miguel A. Ceja
Released: 2011
Video type: Movie
When inept thief Brian finds out his sister's new boyfriend Damon is a retired con artist, Brian blackmails him into partnering up to pull a big con. Intending to help his new girlfriend, Damon agrees to work with Brian, hoping to steer him off crime in the process. But as they get deeper into it, the con becomes bigger than both had anticipated, and Damon finds getting out increasingly difficult. Meanwhile, Damon's relationship with Brian's sister is slipping away, and she's getting closer to finding out what Damon and Brian are up to.
Credited cast:
Remi Barron Remi Barron - Ernesto
E.C. Burke E.C. Burke - Julian
Duncan Calladine Duncan Calladine - Damon
Rigo Chacon Jr. Rigo Chacon Jr. - Officer Medina
Michael Chase Michael Chase - Brian
Krystal Cornelio Krystal Cornelio - Vanessa
Vincent Leon Vincent Leon - Evan
Alex Matthew Alex Matthew - Genelle (as Alexandra Matthew)
Michael Navarra Michael Navarra - Phil

Reviews: [2]

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    "I'll Catch You" was a fun film with some interesting plot twists and a talented cast. The movie kept me interested right from the beginning with characters that were convincing and believable. So many indie films nowadays, especially low budget ones, are unwatchable but "I'll Catch You" had the feeling of a professional cast and Director that were simply lacking a big budget. If you enjoy films with twists, I'd recommend it. It reminded me of "The Grifters" with John Cusack and Angelica Huston. The music was great and fit well with the overall feel of the movie too. I look forward to seeing more from Director Miguel Ceja.
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    Hello, This movie had some very interesting plot twists that I did not expect. It twists and then it twists again, which I found very cool. I'm being super vague since I'm not allowed to reveal anything here, but you will be pleasantly surprised when you watch it. It keeps you on your toes! The soundtrack was very cool for the most part. There were a couple tracks that seemed a bit off, but for the most part they were really well placed and well thought out tracks for the scenes. The acting was pretty good and I was impressed. The plot speaks a lot to situations that we all face in real life that seem to get thicker and heavier and harder to deal with, when we least expect it.